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Shift scheduling goes mobile Kronos

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Kronos mobile applications give employees and manag- ers an instant connec- tion to the Kronos Workforce Central suite. Workforce Mobile Manager al- lows managers to use their mobile devices to

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monitor operations and respond to employee requests. Workforce Mobile Employee en- ables employees to track their work in real time. Using Workforce Mobile Scheduler, managers can quickly and easily broadcast a text message to all employees qualifi ed to fi ll an open shift. Once an employee accepts the shift, a second message notifi es the group that the shift has been fi lled. Kronos

Improve nursing workfl ow

using iPod Touch PatientTouch is a patient care system designed exclusively for the Apple iPod Touch. The application maps directly to clinical workfl ows and hospital best practices, policies and procedures, providing informa- tion on medication administration and nursing interventions. The system includes a custom jacket outfi tted with a barcode scanner and


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an extended battery. PatientSafe Solutions

Fight healthcare-

associated infections Tested by microbiologists

at Yale-New Haven Hospital, ReadyDock:UV provides chemical-free disinfection via germicidal light for the Motion C5v Mobile Clini- cal Assistant (MCA) from Motion Computing. This

unit provides general-purpose disinfection for 99 percent of the C5v’s surface area. ReadyDock:UV disinfects in just 105 sec- onds with a maximum use cycle of 20,000 disinfections per tablet. This company also offers innovative multi-stack charging and security solutions. Advanced Technical Support (ATS)

The STYLISTIC Q550 Slate PC combines the convenience and accuracy of both touch and pen computing without compromising on security or battery life. Featuring a bright, 10.1-inch-wide viewing angle display, Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, embedded IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless capability and removable quick-swap battery for all-day computing, this unit incorporates a suite of security features including fi ngerprint sensor, integrated smartcard reader slot, full disk encryption and optional embedded trusted platform module (TPM). Connectivity op- tions include WLAN, Bluetooth and optional mobile broadband 3G. Fujitsu America

Stylish, secure slate PC Slate

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ded IEEE lity and Alarm notifi cations on

smartphones and more mVisum Alert transmits critical, real-time patient information and alarms from the existing patient monitoring network to a nurse’s mo- bile device such as a smartphone or IP phone. The system operates through the facility’s Wi-Fi network and fea- tures a comprehensive administrative interface that allows customization of alarm escalation rules, alarm tones and a wide variety of system parameters. mVisum

Communicate in virtually any language

Honored with a Gold award at the Edison Best New Product Awards in April 2011, Phrazer is an interactive, multilingual communication system. The er- gonomic handheld features a touch-screen in- terface that identifi es what language a patient speaks and then collects his/her information, medical history, symptoms and complaints – all performed using interactive, prerecorded videos of a culturally familiar doctor speak- ing the patient’s preferred language. The patient-entered information is summarized into the caregiver’s language and can be ac- cessed on the device or through the facility’s EHR system. One unit holds more than 100 languages. GeaCom


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