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Products and Services Cloud-based services for all

Dell’s cloud-based subscription services aim to simplify secure information access and sharing for physician practices and hospitals. These offerings build on Dell’s integrated solutions for healthcare and include: Archiving-as-a-Service, which features the Unifi ed Clinical Archiving (UCA) solution available through the company’s recent acquisition of InSite One; Analytics and Reporting-as-a-Service, a collaboration with Microsoft to develop a subscription-based analytics, informatics and business intelligence solution for community hospitals; Platform-as-a-Service, featuring the Msite solution that hosts MEDITECH applications, support and maintenance; and EMR-as-a-Service, hosted EMR and practice management software. Dell

Extend your computing reach Featuring a reliable and robust design, the MetroMount Wall Arm provides point-

of-care computing workstations with a fl exible and ergonomic positioning solution, enabling arm adjustments with a single-handed motion from a seated to standing position and vertical height control. Ideal for sharing between two patient beds, the MetroMount Wall Arm’s durable design is also capable of supporting a 22-inch moni- tor and a total weight of 40 pounds. The unit features a lifetime guarantee and easy installation. Metro Real-time dashboard

Health Mason users have a powerful new way to obtain instant updates and data analytics for all automated healthcare-payment and database-processing tasks using the real-time management dashboard. From providing current views of system response times to determining the exact dollar amount caused by a specifi c set of errors attrib- uted to a given procedure code for a given contract, it’s like having a way to monitor your entire claims staff from a single screen. Users know exactly what work is being performed and the immediate results, right down to a single transaction. Healthcare Productivity Automation Clinicals soars to new heights

Soarian Clinicals version 3.2 helps organizations achieve meaningful-use EHRs. This latest release features new services, reports and tools for calculating both automated and quality measures to satisfy Stage 1 meaningful-use criteria; offers additional workfl ow enhancements for medication reconciliation; and provides capabilities that facilitate patient care across venues through electronic document exchange. Using the Soarian Workfl ow Engine to defi ne appropri- ate processes and practices helps streamline the creation and distribution of continuity of care documents (CCDs). Medication reconciliation, with support for ePrescribing capabilities, is an enhanced feature of this release. Siemens Healthcare

Network counterintelligence box

Designed for high-use, clinical-imaging, medical-device networks, ePShield secures health IT networks and connected devices by creating a virtual force fi eld around sensitive data. It aims to deliver 100 percent visibility into information fl owing between protected nodes, ensuring HIPAA compliance. The device’s toolkit includes analysis, compliance enforcement, packet fi ltration, fi rewall, router, end-to-end encryption and IDS/IPS capabilities for early, accurate detection and prevention of threats and vulnerabilities. This solution also includes a cross-functional team of IT and clinical engineering experts that monitors a client’s network traffi c 24/7. eProtex



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