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Products and Services HIMSS11

If you didn’t have the chance to attend HIMSS11 in sunny Orlando, Fla., or you simply need a refresher of some of the solu- tions promoted at the largest healthcare IT conference, we have chosen a few standouts

for you. This year’s event was held Feb. 20- 24 at the Orange County Convention Cen- ter and hosted more than 1,000 exhibiting companies and a record crowd of more than 31,000 attendees.

ID includes mobile-device security

The idOnDemand SmartID mobile technology adds a new dimension to corporate informa- tion access. By touching the corporate identity card to a tablet computer or smartphone and entering a one-time password, users can gain secure access to resources, such as application log-ins, VPNs and patient data from any compatible mobile device. The same identity card can be used for building access, computer access and cloud security. This solution is available as part of the idOnDemand managed identity service and replaces the need to carry expiring hardware OTP tokens or install and manage soft-token clients. idOnDemand

PACS gets easier

GEARView QC is a simple and powerful quality-control tool that makes day-to-day workflow easier for PACS administrators and technologists. Based on GEARView, PACSGEAR’s medical image and results visualization technology, GEARView QC provides intuitive functionality for viewing, importing, editing, burning and sending DICOM studies to a PACS/EHR. This solution lets PACS administrators and technologists fix common demographic errors in any DICOM fi eld, as well as visually edit studies to split/combine exams or add/remove images. Studies can also be anonymized by masking burned-in patient information. PACSGEAR

Self-service check-in kiosk S

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The Patient Passport Express kiosk allows users to check in for appointments, update medical histories, verify insurance information, make credit card co-payments and bill payments, sign documents using an electronic signature pad and print HIPAA forms and other documentation. The unit features an interactive touch-screen pod that moves on a fi ve-way axis with a 40-inch vertical range of screen adjustability. The free-standing unit incorporates a sophisticated mix of materials and surfaces and provides a wide array of customized texture and color choices. Software and digital interface are also customized for each facility. Connected Technology Solutions

Extend your imaging reach Synapse Mobility is a zero-footprint mobile application that enables remote access to

FUJIFILM’s suite of Synapse products from hand-held mobile devices like iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones, as well as Macintosh- or Windows-based computers. It displays high- quality, interactive 3-D medical images, giving radiologists and referring physicians on-the-go access to the images and information stored in Synapse PACS, Synapse RIS and Synapse Cardiovascular using the Web browser of their choice. It provides standard and advanced view- ing capabilities, including zoom, window and level, and uses MIP/MPR. FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A. 28 April 2011 HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY

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