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Electronic health records go mobile for veterans


Northrop Grumman has introduced a mo-

bile application that lets U.S. military veterans access the per- sonal electronic health records stored in their MyHealtheVet account on a mobile device. Called “VA-214,” the app was developed to support the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Blue Button Web portal. The “blue button” concept centers around the goal of pushing a single button to access and download all health-related information needed. VA-214 is available on both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platform. The app’s developers say that it gives veterans “ready access to personal health information for better understanding of their medical history and [the ability] to partner more effectively with health providers.” The app is accessible to all MyHealtheVet accounts – about 1 million veterans total – and is available for download at

Michigan hospital chooses IP-based TV system

The eVideon Healthcare IPTV system being installed at Blodgett Hospital goes way beyond high-defi nition TV broadcasting; the solution can even communicate individual patient needs to other areas of the hospital, such as guest services, cafeteria or housekeeping.

Harris Corporation to acquire Carefx ACQUISITIONS

International communications and information technology

giant Harris Corporation has entered into a defi ni- tive agreement to purchase privately held Carefx Corporation (Scottsdale, Ariz.), a provider of interoperability workfl ow solutions built on its popular Fusionfx platform. The acquisition will expand Harris’ capabilities in government health- care and provide an entry into the commercial healthcare market. Founded in 2002, Carefx has nearly 250 em- ployees worldwide. The company’s Fusionfx platform aggregates patient information across existing systems and delivers it in a single, clini- cally relevant view to physicians at the point of care. The Fusionfx platform is used in more than 800 hospitals, healthcare systems and health infor- mation exchanges across North America, Europe and Asia. For more about Fusionfx, go to

6 April 2011

Television is about to get a whole lot more interactive at Blodgett Hospital, a Grand Rapids, Mich.-based patient-care facil- ity. The hospital has contracted with technology provider Optimal Solutions to install the eVideon Healthcare Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) system, a complete IP-based solution that provides HD-quality TV, movies, personalized educational content and hospital information to any Ethernet port. eVideon Healthcare also offers survey/track- ing options that allow hospital staff to track patient comprehension for improved patient outcomes and clinical workfl ows.


Using this system, there is no need for coax cable or in-room computers. The installation replaces Blodgett’s current RF analog television distribution system. The Web-based components of the content management system allow non- technical staff to manage and modify programming provided to patients. Content is streamed to each room’s TV as well as waiting rooms, staff lounges, cafeterias and any other TV location. See for more information.


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