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Products and Systems: EHRs

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The NextPen digital pen captures patient data directly from paper into an EHR, eliminating the need to scan forms or pay for transcriptions. Users can create and print their own forms on normal copy paper, and then the pen records everything written on them by a patient or physician during his/her normal workfl ow. Through a simple USB docking station or Bluetooth connection, the data is automatically and securely populated into NextGen Ambulatory EHR, converting patient information, notes, diagnoses, prescripti prescriptions, test requisitions and more into digital records that can be viewed and verifi ed instantly. instantly NextGen Healthcare All-in-one EHR on iPad

The Pulse suite of applications is now available on the iPad, so users can create and manage orders, documents, charts and more from a single, portable dashboard. Pulse supports ambulatory physician offi ces through software that integrates clinical, fi nancial and administrative processes into one comprehen- sive solution. Pulse’s ONC-certifi ed Complete EHR and practice management solutions aim to optimize productivity throughout the practice by eliminating duplicate data entry, ensuring faster and cleaner transmission of information and providing relevant data when it is needed. Pulse Systems

Connectivity supports meaningful use Nuvon’s Medical Grid Intelligent Device Manager, the IDM-MG 1000, is a mobile point-


This unit includes a built-in, medical-grade barcode scanner and the VEGA System’s unique Autodiscovery feature that automatically identifi es devices as they are connected. The plug- and-play architecture easily integrates new medical devices and clinical medical systems. This is a lightweight device with a long-lasting battery that provides extended connectivity thati fi ts in the palm of your hand. Nuvon

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PrimeSUITE 2011 is an EHR, practice management and interoperability solution that inte- grates clinical, fi nancial and administrative data on a single database to promote information exchange and ensure quick adoption. The package’s intuitive tools optimize daily practice processes, and it can be customized to adapt to your existing workfl ows using patient charts, clinical templates and practice management functionality that includes accounts receivable, registration, scheduling and reporting components. This solution’s data exchange capabilities conform to the needs of single-practice, IPA, REC, HIE, IDN and newly emerging ACO and PCMH models. Greenway Medical Technologies

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Sage Intergy Meaningful Use Edition is a certifi ed and comprehensive clinical, fi nancial and administrative software solution. The Sage Intergy family of products includes integrated practice management, electronic health records, clinical and business intelligence and a Web- based portal for online patient engagement. Providers can access Sage Intergy Meaningful Use Edition from multiple practice locations, from home, or other remote sites either through a central patient database server or as a Sage-hosted solution on a monthly subscription basis. This edition tracks clinical history details and combines complex medical practice functions into easy-to-navigate menus. Sage Healthcare Division


of-care appliance based on the FDA-cleared VEGA System medical connectivity platform. T


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