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De-escalating violent and aggres- sive patients is a challenge in almost every ED in the state. Mayo was the fi rst hospital in Maine to implement Vocera specifi cally for ensuring se- curity and safety. Vocera was tested initially with a select group of staff members, but now is used by all on-duty nurses in the hospital, as well as the ED physician, cardio- pulmonary technician, radiology technician and lab personnel. Mayo staff has experienced a streamlining of communication between caregivers, especially in situations involving violent or ag- gressive patients. The hospital has already used Vocera badges to miti- gate a potentially dangerous patient situation in which a suicidal patient, believed to be stable by doctors, unexpectedly escalated into anger. The doctor on call immediately used his badge to contact law en- forcement, who arrived within four minutes after the call.

Challenges faced The Vocera communications system requires a robust voice- grade wireless system be in place before the system can be used effectively. Mayo Regional Hospi- tal coordinated a wireless system upgrade in conjunction with the implementation of the Vocera com- munications system. For challenges with deployment and adoption of the Vocera badge technology, Mayo staff utilizes Vocera’s 24-hour on- line support.


The most infl uential changes in care delivery came through staff’s increased feeling of personal safety, allowing them to focus on patients and portray a sense of safety to all in the ED. As with any new tech- nology, making the Vocera badge the fi rst medium for communica- tion was different, but was quickly adopted.

Interpretation For Mayo Regional Hospital, a wireless communications system was a practical tool for increas- ing the safety of staff and pa- tients. Wireless communication systems can serve a wide variety of purposes, as the Vocera badge

is used in more than 600 hospitals around the world. In addition to its role as a safety mechanism, a wireless communication sys- tem can be an effective tool for institutions looking to improve workflow or streamline internal communication.


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