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Products and Services: Flat-Panel Displays

Split display for diagnostic imaging The 10-megapixel Coronis Fusion 10MP display adds a new, proprietary “SmoothGray” technology for the presentation of ultra-precise grayscale images. This 4,096 x 2,560-resolu- tion display incorporates IPS WideView LCD technology that renders grayscale images with superb brightness and contrast. The design offers radiologists the freedom to organize their 30-inch workspace as either two seamless 5-megapixel displays or one wide-screen 10-mega- pixel display, allowing users to compare prior and current images without the annoyance of a central bezel. Barco

See Barco at HIMSS11 booth #6343

Dual-monitor mount

The dual-monitor 7500-Wing arm is a slick and fl exible mounting solution. It allows effortless repositioning of monitors (up to 24 inches) in a multitude of confi gurations. The Wing can be set for either portrait or landscape viewing and allows monitors to be positioned either side by side or one above the other. Monitors can also be independently rotated. This mount rotates 360 degrees at three joints, and a monitor-tilter mechanism can angle more than 200 degrees. The base mount includes six mounting options, and 2-inch and 6-inch extender tubes are available to raise the monitor(s). Innovative Offi ce Products See Innovative Offi ce Products at HIMSS11 booth #1308

Sharable capacitive-touch display

The 23-inch multi-touch display based on 3M projected capacitive technology is ideal for desktop applications. It features a locking, confi gurable metal base, 1,080p high-defi nition display and a sleek virtual-bezel glass surface. This 10-plus-fi nger unit can accommodate multiple users simultaneously, rotate from landscape to portrait mode, and be adjusted and locked in place quickly at angles ranging from 90 degrees to virtually lying fl at on a table top. Thirty-two-inch and 22-inch LCD displays are available. 3M multi-touch displays are compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Linux operating systems. 3M See 3M at HIMSS11 booth #3547

Flexible patient monitoring

The CARESCAPE Monitor B650 aims to improve data integration and connectivity by di- rectly linking to the GE Healthcare CARESCAPE portfolio of monitoring products, including the latest bedside, central station and transport monitors, as well as existing GE Healthcare monitors and peripheral third-party devices. This platform helps hospitals standardize patient monitoring systems across the enterprise and enables the ability to customize clinical information by care area and clinician preference. It supports workfl ow continuity, ensuring that monitor- ing capabilities can fl ex to varying patient acuity levels, and includes an intuitive touch-screen interface and a barcode reader. GE Healthcare See GE Healthcare at HIMSS11 booth #2401

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Ultra-narrow LCD for video walls

The X462UN is a 46-inch LCD display for video wall confi gurations. This unit has a diverse input panel and EdgeComp technology for improving brightness uniformity. Includes advanced thermal protection and a sealed panel design, 1,366 x 768 native resolution and a 3,000:1 con- trast ratio. NEC Display Solutions of America


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