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Recycling saves more than 1.6 million trees in 2010

Document-shredding service provider Cintas Corporation recently announced that, by its own estimates, it has saved more than 1.6 million trees through October 2010 by recycling confi dential documents. In addition to trees, Cintas says that it has saved more than 196,000 barrels of oil, 688 million gallons of water, 294,000 cubic yards of landfi ll space and 393 million kilowatts of energy.

GREEN What happens when you call the shredder company?

First, the paper is collected by Cintas and destroyed through its secure SmartShred process. This process can take place on Cintas’ mobile shredding trucks or

Ohio hospital picks

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Riverside Methodist Hospital, part of OhioHealth, plans to

implement McKesson’s CytoCare robot as part of an IV automation initiative, a move that will enable the 800-bed facility to meet the antici- pated growth within its cancer services department without requiring additional staff. With McKesson bar- code-scanning technology for medications already in place in the pharmacy, Riv- erside will deploy CytoCare in an effort to introduce the same level of automation and barcoding to further improve the safety


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of oncology preparations. According to hospital leaders, the solution will enable pharmacy staff to more effi ciently prepare IVs while reducing their exposure to hazardous drugs and the potential for manual compounding errors.

“Our pharmacy technicians prepare approximately 500 chemotherapy IVs each month for inpatients and our outpatient cancer facility, and a pharmacist checks each preparation,” says Charles McCluskey, PharmD, system vice president of pharmacy for the OhioHealth system. “With CytoCare, we can more effi ciently prepare the IVs while reducing our techni- cians’ exposure to hazardous drugs and reducing the potential for manual compounding errors.”

EVENTS January

The 3rd Annual Health 3.0 Conference: the Next Online Generation, Jan. 25-27, Orlando, explores the newest outlets for social media and mobile applications that have the ability to revolutionize the way health plans handle information exchange for member engagement and ease of use for better health outcomes.


Emerging Programs & Models for Medicare Care Management, Feb. 10-11, Orlando, will examine launching an ACO program, look at how to effectively combine medical and revenue management and demonstrate how to implement the latest emerging strategies based on the results of piloted programs.

HIMSS11 Annual Conference & Exhibition,

Feb. 20-24, Orlando, brings together the latest in technologies, patient safety and quality, regulatory compliance, business best practices and personal growth all in one place. Check out more than 900 companies exhibiting thousands of health IT products and services, with more than 250 fi rst-time exhibiting companies offering new technology.


at any of its nationwide locations. The shredded paper is then delivered to a paper mill to be recycled. At the mill, the paper is sorted to remove contaminants such as paper clips, plastic and other materials that can’t be recycled. It is then turned into a pulp and manufactured into secondary paper products, such as paper cups, paper towels and tissue. “Recycling paper saves water, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and uses approximately 25 percent less energy than manufacturing paper from trees,” says Pamela Coleman, director of supplier diversity and corporate sustainability, Cintas.

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