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Products and Services Mobile device integrates with EHR

The Minder, powered by Cambridge Con- sultants’ Vena software platform, enables continuous, real-time medical data collection and transmission via cellular networks. This device is a gateway that captures wireless medical data and transmits it to a patient’s online health record. It displays an interactive, timed to-do list that can be customized for individual patients and can receive real-time updates to the checklist to enable two-way communications with healthcare professionals or caregiver. Simple readings, such as blood pressure, can be acquired remotely; the data is transmitted to the patient’s EMR. Alerts can be set for readings that could be cause for concern. Cambridge Consultants

Eco-friendly electronic labeling The Green Machine with MaxiLabel Pro

3.0 Windows Labeling Software is an envi- ronmentally friendly label printer system for lab, hospital, clinic, healthcare and medical professionals who need to design and print professional pressure-sensitive labels in-house. Labeling applications include vials, charts, sample contain- ers, carts, shelves, cabinets, supplies, equipment, account/patient infor- mation, medication, medical alerts, cage cards, color coding and more. A special laboratory and medical sym- bols library is available for custom applications. Device makes standard, heat-shrink tube and barcode labels. Unit is available in PC or standalone models; built with energy conservation and environmental compliance in mind. K-Sun

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Multi-task with multiple monitors Minideck USB-to-DVI display adapters and

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screens. The Minideck works with VGA, DVI or HDMI video connections and installs in under a minute. The vDeck in- stalls istalls in 30 seconds. Both USB adapters offer a solut

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vDeck USB adapters turn any Mac or PC USB port into an auxiliary display port, so users can connect multiple computer sc

a solution for laptops, Mac Minis, Netbooks and other notebooks that have only one or no auxiliary video ports. Sewell Direct

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30 January 2011 HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY Low-dose imaging platform

The Ingenuity CT (computed tomogra- phy) platform aims to redefi ne low-dose im- aging. This system features iDose4, Philips’ next-generation iterative reconstruction technique, designed to provide equivalent diagnostic image quality at up to 80 percent less dose; improve spatial resolution by up to 35 percent with up to 50 percent less dose; or simply improve spatial resolution by up to 68 percent. The platform is available as a standalone or hybrid imaging system via the Ingenuity CT scanner and the Ingenuity TF PET/CT system. SyncRight technology enhances communications between the scanner and the injector to create consis- tent image quality from patient to patient. Philips

Provider/member identity management solution

The lack of consistent and accurate pro- vider identifi cation has led to a proliferation of duplicate records and the wrongful at- tribution of provider data elements within records. File maintenance and rework er- rors can add up and be expensive. Portico Systems’ Master Data Management (MDM) product is engineered to deliver an integrated identity management platform. MDM can be used as a standalone solution or as an inte- grated component of the Portico Platform. It can be utilized for complex data conversions as well as master record initiatives. Portico’s existing Provider Information Management customers can use MDM to supercharge their ongoing data-accuracy initiatives. Portico Systems

Scope-to-scope software With the 3M Littmann Scope-to-Scope

Tele-Auscultation System, clinicians can transfer digitally captured patient sounds in real time, from one stethoscope to another, and share them across data networks. The Scope-to-Scope Software is paired with a Bluetooth-enabled wireless Littmann Elec- tronic Stethoscope Model 3200, a next- generation auscultation device that allows clinicians to remotely detect diffi cult-to-hear body sounds. 3M

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