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Cover Story Testing process automated

METTLER TOLEDO’s LiQC version 2.0 is a multiparameter system for simultaneous determination of density, refractive index, pH/ conductivity and color. LiQC combines single measurements into one fully automated process. A sample is fi lled into a vial, placed onto an automatic sample changer,

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automatically completes every subsequent step: choosing the appropriate method, pumping the sample into the various fl ow-through cells and performing all measurements. The results are statistically evaluated, compared to specifi cations and transferred to LIMS systems. LiQC cleans and dries the measuring cells simultaneously before moving on to the next sample. METTLER TOLEDO

Mobile video conferencing

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Polycom’s Practitioner Cart solution provides mobile high-definition videoconferencing capabilities on a cart that can be moved around to support multiple functions within the healthcare organization. It can support wireless communication, on-board PC applications and, with its built-in battery, can be moved wherever the patient is located or anywhere within the emergency department. The remote clinician can place a video call to the mobile cart, view the patient for assessment and be seen by the patient on the mobile cart’s monitor to provide a virtual bedside consultation. Polycom

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CPOE solution

PatientKeeper CPOE allows practices t to meet meaningful-use criteria for CPOE without having to install a new HIT system. With the solution, physicians can personalize order sets and incorporate evidence-based orders. As the system collects data on ordering practices, hospitals can incorporate and modify evidence-based order sets, as needed. PatientKeeper CPOE exists as a layer on top of a hospital’s current IT infrastructure and routes

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orders to existing departmental systems for processing and fulfi llment, allowing a hospital to leverage existing hospital IT investments. Physicians have the option of using a smartphone or other mobile device to enter orders, reducing verbal orders and eliminating the compliance issues associated with them. The solution supports both paper and electronic-based processes. PatientKeeper

10 December 2010 Tabletop radiography and PACS

The Carestream DIRECTVIEW Vita CR System is a compact, lightweight computed radiography (CR) device that provides rapid image access to increase the speed and accuracy of patient diagnosis. The system is ideal for independent imaging centers, clinics, multi- physician offices and chiropractic and veterinary facilities. The system

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can be bundled with optional Image Suite software for a complete mini-PACS solution that includes digital image capture, viewing, printing, storage and management. Image Suite allows users to interface with other digital imaging modalities. This software can be hosted on a broad range of PC-based workstations with either standard or high- resolution monitors. Carestream Health

Patient kiosk

Merge Healthcare’s Merge Patient Kiosk connects to an avatar-based live agent that guides patients through the check-in process. The touch- screen kiosk collects co-payments and outstanding balances with multiple payment options; scans documents, including insurance cards and drivers’ licenses, into Fusion RIS technology; and lets patients choose a check-in method. Integration with Fusion RIS allows real-time updating of patient status; kiosk will create alerts that fl ag information to be validated or updated. Procedure-specifi c questionnaires can be printed and finished at the patient’s leisure. Merge Healthcare

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Point-of-care cart

AFC Industries’ PC 910 Point-of-Care Cart features an extended battery cycle and a small footprint, and can be thoroughly disinfected for use. The PC 910 is height adjustable, with electronic or pneumatic height adjustment enabling sitting-to-standing work positions. Using an all-in-one computer, the cart can be continuously deployed for up to 30 hours before recharging. Alternatively, a separate CPU and monitor can be mounted. An internal automatic transfer switch allows connected equipment to run while the battery module is recharging, and an advanced charger accelerates recharging and increases safety. An LED readout keeps users apprised of power status. Fleet management software allows the IT department to monitor, program and manage up to 250 carts throughout a facility. AFC Industries

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