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Patient-fl ow solution Allocade’s On-Cue software

leverages the inform de


creates patient itineraries that can help caregivers manage patient-fl ow logistics and operational effi ciencies. The solution captures metrics and minimizes the impact of disruptions by reallocating resources for the changing conditions of major hospital departments. The software system


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leverages the information already available in HIS, RIS and EMRs. On-Cue allows staff members to receive updated patient status, patient wait times, exam completion times and progression through each area or department. Allocade

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Plug-and-play speakers improve laptop sound


While not technically a healthcare IT item, anyone who has ever struggled with the inferior sound of laptop speakers will appreciate the Edifi er Sound To Go, a portable speaker system connected to a notebook through a USB port, providing superior sound quality. The 10.5-by-1.5-inch brushed aluminum unit features magnetically shielded precision drivers, effi cient bass-refl ex design, two 3-inch woofers and two 1-inch tweeters, built-in amplifi er and volume control. Fits in any laptop case; felt bag makes it easy to transport. Edifi er International


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The Melissa Data Contact Verification Server is ideal for hospitals and other medical facilities that need to meet HIPPA,

Sarbanes-Oxley and other privacySarbanes Ox Sarbanes-Ox

and compliance guidelines by enriching, scrubbing and validating patient contact data completely in-house, safely and securely. The unit is built by Dell and incorporates six WebSmart components for contact data verifi cation and enrichment, including address, phone and email verifi cation, name parsing, geocoding and change-of- address processing. The server can verify more than 7 million records per hour and additional servers can be clustered for increased scalability, throughput and redundancy. Melissa Data

E-prescribing for iPhone, iPod Touch

Prematics’ Care Communication for iPhone and iPod Touch allows physicians to e-prescribe, access clinical information from health plans and pharmacies, and manage their personal and clinical work flow. The solution retrieves and prioritizes vital patient data from health plans, pharmacies and pharmacy benefi t managers, selectively sending the physician the most relevant clinical and up-to-date benefi t information. Messages are populated from a variety of sources

and can include data about medication non-adherence, inappropriate therapy, needed or unaddressed lab tests, missing medication for a specifi c condition and overdue wellness exams, to name a few. Prematics

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Self-service patient check-in Phreesia automates the patient check-

in process. Patients use the wireless, touch-screen, swipe-enabled PhreesiaPad to provide demographic, insurance and clinical information, as well as pay copayments and balances. In addition to automating data entry for the front- offi ce staff, electronic patient signatures are secured on all required HIPAA forms and real-time eligibility and benefi ts checks are conducted. Phreesia integrates into existing practice management and EHR systems. Better yet, Phreesia never forgets to ask for payment. All hardware, software, installation, support and training is included in the system, which also features access to Phreesia’s online Practice Portal for designated employees and as many PhreesiaPads, routers and chargers as needed. Phreesia

are secured on

T-Sheets go digital With DigitalShare powered by

Shareable Ink, clinicians document patient encounters on familiar paper T-Sheets but data is captured using a special digital pen. This technology provides clinical and process feedback and reports comparable to an electronic health record (EHR). Users can instantly share, view or edit information through a secure, Web-based portal. Automatic alerts for incomplete documentation prompt clinicians to address defi ciencies, which improves compliance. Real-time alerts, dashboards and reporting tools help clinicians and administrators make decisions to improve effi ciency and quality. DigitalShare will facilitate compliance with Stage 1 requirements for reimbursement for meaningful use of an EHR. T-System


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