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Products and Services Mobile x-ray systems go wireless

In addition to supporting popular GE and Siemens mobile x-ray systems, the Carestream DRX-Mobile Retrofi t Kit will be integrated with three Shimadzu systems beginning in October. The mobile retrofi t kit allows healthcare providers to upgrade se- lected mobile x-ray systems to DR technology through the use of its wireless, cassette-size DRX-1 detector. This wireless DR system can increase on-site productivity and deliver immediate access to images, which can help enhance care for critically ill patients in emer- gency rooms, operating rooms and the ICU. The DRX-1 detector also eliminates cables and tethers typically required by most DR- based systems. Carestream Health

HIPAA-compliant IP video

Haivision’s Furnace IP video systems, which feature Makito encoders, deliver HIPAA compliance via AES encryption, conditional access and detailed reporting. These attributes allow administrators to ad- dress the fundamental requirement of control- ling and reporting on exactly who accesses what data and when. Haivision’s products are compliant with technical safeguards outlined in HIPAA’s security rule specifi cally relating to access controls, audit controls, integrity, authentication and transmission of electronic patient health information (ePHI). The com- pany offers end-to-end, AES-encrypted IP video combined with Furnace’s unique client/ server soft player, InStream, which is deliv- ered on demand and requires no installation on any client computer. Haivision

Ha w

H conditio An Apple a day for doctors

A new iPhone application allows doctors to contact colleagues, change their call schedules and protect caller ID on patient calls. Per- fectServe Clinician is available at no charge to doctors whose hospitals or private prac- tices use the latest version of PerfectServe, a leading physician-based, work-fl ow-driven solution for clinical communications. Doctors can: contact colleagues directly without need- ing phone lists, directories or call schedules; change on-call schedules; change how they want to be reached and call routing; view a history of calls, voice and text messages; and more. PerfectServe

28 October 2010 HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY LIS software upgrades

The new 6.3 version of Sunquest’s Collec- tion Manager laboratory information system (LIS) software includes enhanced features for defect corrections, establishment of generic fee-for-service requests, and minor enhance- ments to address work-fl ow issues and im- provements. Additional fi eld storage (AFS) is now available for blood-bank analyzers, which allows for more instrument information to be stored for later retrieval. The new program delays information download until results or order updates are completed. Additionally, the results processor now checks all components used within a calculation to ensure all test results are fi led before executing a calcula- tion. Sunquest

New LMS platform

NetLearning has released Version 8.0 of its learning management system (LMS) platform. Built in SQL Server archi- tecture, NetLearning LMS was designed and refi ned by healthcare professionals to ensure maximum effi ciency when managing, tracking and reporting on staff development, training and compliance. This new version has more platform fl exibility to customize dashboards, reports and enrollments. The LMS includes integration with HR systems, sending informa- tion on grades and course completion dates to automate payroll, scheduling, merit raises and other performance initiatives as determined by the administrator. New e-commerce capabilities allow healthcare facilities to sell courses to staff, community volunteers or suppliers. Cengage Learning

Clinician-centered EHR

Unlike some conventional EHRs that might require more work than existing paper records, Cosalient Electronic Health Record streamlines work flow for busy operating rooms. The solution is true WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) on screen and in the fi nal document, reducing worry about what is actually in the medico-legal documentation. The system adapts to a wide variety of docu- ment formats. Drag and drop a PDF to create a new electronic form in seconds. The current release focuses on the operating room with special emphasis on anesthesia and PACU. Kuo Software

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