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Products and Services

Monitor cardiac patients remotely The new Medtronic M-Link cellular ac-

cessory provides cardiac device patients with an option to securely send information stored in their implanted devices to their clinics via the CareLink Network. The system uses cellular signals and a portable monitor, rather than a telephone landline. This simplifi ed connection enables clinicians to remotely monitor more patients who are implanted with cardiac devices. It also allows Medtronic CareAlert Notifi cations to be transmitted when any of the programmable alert condi- tions from a patient’s implanted device have occurred. Physicians and nurses can view the data through a secure Web site. Medtronic

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Full HD collaboration

Panasonic’s 67HD Visual Com- munications System boasts Full HD video and 360-degree, full-duplex HD audio. Full HD images can be displayed on a wide range of HD monitors, from desktop LCDs all the way up to a 152- inch class HD Plasma display or even projected with an HD projector on a large screen at a conference or an educa- tional institution. The system also allows for multiple HD cameras to be used, so a second camera can zoom in and share detailed im- ages. A third option allows full-motion, high- resolution video and other fi le sharing to be transmitted over the system from connected laptops. Panasonic

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fo Build image-enabled EHRs

Merge Healthcare’s WebAccess is a stan- dards-based software portal technology ca- pable of consolidating diagnostic information from multiple disparate sources and delivering it to users through a zero-client Web browser. Already in use by providers to “image-enable” EHR and HIE solutions, this latest version pro- vides additional standards-based middleware components to help expand health informa- tion exchange outside the traditional clinical or provider silos. WebAccess 2.3 now offers Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) ca- pability, which manages the multiple patient identities that typically exist across a health- care enterprise. Merge Healthcare

Procedures consult on the go

Physicians, residents and students can now visualize and review over 300 top medical procedures on their mobile de- vices with the launch of Procedures Con- sult Mobile. Procedures Consult Mobile provides Web-enabled smartphones with access to expert videos, “quick review” text and illustrations, checklists and universal protocol content for every procedure - all pre- sented within a user interface optimized for smartphone Web browsers. The mobile site allows clinicians who may not have studied or conducted a procedure for a period of time the ability to prepare for, perform and follow up on the most common procedures required in today’s hospital setting. Elsevier

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Optima EPS has announced a new cabinet enclosure for airborne commu- nications, mobile applications or seismic zones. Based on Optima’s M-series for Seismic Zone 4 applications, the mobile cabinet features double-walled extrusions for a rugged, modular design. The fi rst unit was built in a stacked formation with 38U on the bottom and a smaller 12U enclosure on the top. Other stacked sizes and options are available. The shelter was placed on an isola- tor platform for additional protection while mobile. All of Optima’s M-series cabinets also feature advanced EMC shielding, reinforced corner members, cross-bracing, and stiffeners to handle rugged applications. Optima EPS


GE Healthcare IT’s Centricity Enterprise is an integrated, cross-continuum, clinical, fi nancial and administrative software solu- tion for hospitals. Centricity Enterprise 6.9 is designed to support organizations that re- quire an integrated inpatient and ambulatory software solution on a single platform and wish to demonstrate inpatient and ambulatory meaningful use. The solution includes embed- ded content and work fl ows to enable more rapid clinician adoption and pre-confi gured CPOE work fl ows with embedded decision support. Centricity Enterprise 6.9 includes tools and enhancements to support qual- ity improvements and cost reduction. GE Healthcare IT

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