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Products and Services Mobile clinical assistant

Motion Computing’s C5v mobile clinical assistant (MCA) was developed in collabora- tion with Intel and designed specifi cally for healthcare environments. The Windows 7-based PC features an integrated barcode scanner, RFID reader, digital camera and smart card reader. Lightweight and sealed for disinfection, the device is used at the patient bedside and throughout the hospital. Productivity enhancers include: a hot-swap battery for replacement of charged batteries without interruption, a 160-GB HDD and up to 4 GB of RAM, Corning Gorilla glass and integrated Gobi2000 for 3G mobile broadband. Motion Computing

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GammaTech Computer Corporation’s MT10 touch-screen tablet computer is a military-grade, 3-pound mobile PC with 60-GB hard drive designed to handle drops, spills, shocks and dust. Features include a slim body, molded ergonomic handle and a 10.4-inch, high-resolution LCD that re- duces eyestrain. Auto-focusing 2-megapixel camera and built-in RFID and barcode readers round out the unit’s multitasking tools. Supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Thee- cell Li-Ion battery pack is hot swappable. GammaTech

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Fee-for-use PACS service

eHealth PACS Services is the latest addition to the CARESTREAM eHealth Managed Services (eMS) portfolio of cloud-based, fee-for-use services. This service delivers the functionality of PACS (image management, viewing, distribution and storage) while lowering users’ total cost of ownership. The PACS service is an operating expense with a monthly fee based on the number of imaging exams produced each month. Healthcare provid- ers connect to secure, remote data centers hosted and managed by Carestream Health. Patient information can be shared with au- thorized physicians over a simple Internet connection for remote reading of a primary diagnosis and obtaining a second opinion. Carestream Health

Cloud services automate IT Lawson Software’s Internal Cloud Ser-

vices program brings virtualization and cloud computing to customers who want an on-premise deployment of their current Lawson solutions. Lawson Grid Technology distributes computing tasks for selected Lawson products across a group of comput- ers, and the Lawson Cloud Console provides a new ability to click on a “virtual appliance” and deploy it by dragging and dropping it to a test, development, training or production area. The virtual appliances are essentially virtual servers that contain everything needed to begin using the software: database, operat- ing system and software application. Lawson Software

Wireless access-point mounts Oberon offers the updated Model 1064-00

and 1064-T mountings for use with Cisco’s 3500 series 802.11n wireless access points. The 3500 series is based on the Cisco 1140 series access point’s physical form factor, enhanced with Cisco Clean Air software and silicon technology. The model 1064-00 or 1064-T is suspended from the ceiling’s struc- tural system. The mount looks like a standard 2-foot-by-2-foot ceiling tile. The access point is inserted into the opening and locked in place using Oberon’s patent-pending locking mechanism. Oberon

Improved imaging reports

A new technology from Sage Health Man- agement Solutions aims to improve the quality of imaging study reports. The solution uses natural language processing commonly found on the Internet, similar to Google search or spam fi ltering, to automatically classify the contents of radiology report text for improved communication and outcomes reporting. This automated analysis enhances the ability of the company’s RadWise decision-support tool to refi ne its recommendations and to evaluate the clinical usefulness of imaging procedures. For radiology reports, this technology aims to improve timely communication between physicians and assist organizations with compliance for Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals. Sage Health Manage- ment Solutions

30 August 2010


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