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Mobility/Wireless/Carts MOTION COMPUTING

Motion C5 mobile clinical assistant (MCA) and Motion clinical workstation (MCW-200)

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Combining the Motion C5 mobile clinical assistant (MCA) tablet PC with the Motion clinical workstation/COW (MCW-200) offers a truly fl exible solution for improving clinical productivity, optimizing electronic medical records (EMR) utilization and enhancing clinician satisfaction by delivering options to personalize computing solutions for individual work fl ows.

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Hybrid mobile computing makes for smooth operators

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record (EMR) a the team at S Ill., chose the solutio with m hospit patien

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record (EMR) application from MEDITECH, the team at St. John’s Hospital, Springfi eld, Ill., chose the Motion C5 MCA to extend the solution to the patient bedside. Now, with more than 600 C5s in use, the hospital has seen an increase in bedside patient scans from just 20 percent to 97 per

97 percent – resulting in improved ac-

curacy of data collected and an increase in data ciency. With the C5s, clinicians can access

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data at the bedside, the nurses’ station or from various other points of service with fewer disruptions in care. While the St. John’s team was enthusiastic with the

C5s, they knew they needed additional solutions that could support its diverse range of clinicians throughout the hospital. The team chose the Motion clinical work- station (MCW-200) to offer a highly fl exible computing solution that adapts to individual clinical work fl ows. Based on the Motion active power system, the MCW- 200 offers the added benefi t of providing up to 15 hours of battery life. Now with the C5s and MCW-200s, St. John’s has equipped clinicians with the ability to use

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room, the chance for a medication error or inaccurate log entry is also greatly reduced.

The cart provides plenty of storage space for gen- eral nursing supplies in addition to the medication drawer. Access to the carts is managed by Stanley In- nerSpace ILS, utilizing the employees’ hospital badges

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12 August 2010

to control and track access to the carts. User access credentials and access records are managed through a proprietary wireless system that is managed through a Web-based application. This system allows GHS administrators to program staff access credentials system-wide through a central application to increase security for IT functions and medications while real- izing signifi cant time savings.


• The effi ciently designed system enables up to 15 hours of continuous performance. The mobile power system includes rapid recharge capabilities and accurate, easy- to-read gauges.

• Slide out keyboard tray 16” W x 14” D • Drawers/storage 16” W x 14” D • Cart weight 155 lbs. • Independent work surface 27” to 47” adjustable height • Work surface 15” W x 10.25” L • Cart height 61.5” H • Removable storage bin with dividers 12” W x 12” L x 4”

• Utility basket 8” W x 12” L x 6” D • Four casters: 2 swivel locking, 1 locking, 1 non-locking • Cart base 18” W x 18” H x 2.51” D • Extended battery: 12-15 hours of continuous use • Standard battery: 6-7 hours of continuous use • Recharge time, extended battery: 4.5 hours • Recharge time, standard battery: 3 hours • Battery monitor gauge on motion control unit • Power base input voltage: 90 ~ 265 VAC • Frequency range: 47 ~ 63 Hz • Power factor correction: 0.96 ~ 0.98 • Inrush current: 30a @ 100 VAC / 60A @ 200 VAC • Power base output voltage: 9 ~ 16 VDC • Current: 9.4 ADC max. • Maximum power: 150W • Power base dimensions: 18” W x 10” H x 10” D

technology right at the bedside or use a full mobile work- station throughout the hospital for more documentation- intensive work fl ows.

“St. John’s has worked closely with Motion through- out our mobility deployment and relied on the team’s ex- pertise in helping to design and deliver the right solution for our clinicians and our patients,” says Mark Krieger, manager of IT operations for St. John’s. “Combining the C5 with the MCW-200 offers us a highly fl exible computing solution that optimizes EMR utilization and enhances care across the hospital.”

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