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FEATURES: M38 RX Unique selling point

This extremely light, agile cart in- cludes all the benefi ts of heavier carts (including ample, secure drawer space) with the added ability to easily change the lithium battery for small CPUs and monitors.

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clude (incl with the l mon

With everything at the ready, even the nurses are healing When it began a bar-coded medication administration system, Norwalk Hospital, Conn., re-evaluated its entire medication delivery process to improve patient safety. Nurses historically admin- istered medications at bedside, returning to the nursing station for charting. But mobile carts then in

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administ Conn., deliv sa


use proved unwieldy and diffi cult to push, so were often left outside patient rooms.

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Norwalk’s medical-surgical nurses were asked to evalu- ate several new options, walking through the medication administration work fl ow and analyzing each solution’s impact on overall clinical work fl ow. Ultimately, they selected the contemporary M38 RX

from Rubbermaid Medical Solutions. The easily manipu- lated, streamlined design contains ample drawer space for

STANLEY INNERSPACE Harmony bedside charting cart with ILS th ILS Unique selling point

Stanley InnerSpace ILS (Intelligent L ing System) is a Web-based system that enables administrators to wire- lessly program security features on small procedure and supply

carts from any PC, add and delete users (up to 8,500 prox card credentials per system), adjust cart settings and track staff activity.


ls per track

Web-based security control with fl exible storage to boot With 274 carts spread over three cam- puses in one Georgia-based IDN, Gwinnett Health System (GHS) uses the Harmony bedside charting

h cam- 10 August 2010

gent Lock- m that

• Weight: starting at 102 lbs • Weight with battery: 123 lbs • Anti-microbial properties: smooth, cleanable surface, medical-grade plastic, all touch points removable

• Battery life: 10 hours with 50W continuous load • Time it takes to charge: 2 hours • Security features: electronic pin-code drawer system; programmable auto-lock

• Wireless attributes: network fl eet management of power systems and PIN codes

• Tracking capabilities: compatible with RFID, Wi-Fi and Infrared tracking systems

medications needed during a full eight- to 12-hour shift. A superior security system automatically locks drawers, and a keyboard light eases nighttime duties. Adopting the Rubbermaid cart has positively impacted

work fl ow and improved patient safety, as well as reduced physical strain while increasing nurse/patient interaction. “We’ve seen a massive reduc- tion in nurse back injuries,” says Renee Peart, RN, patient care service manager.

For more information on: Rubbermaid:

“Nurses stay at the patient bedside longer because the cart is right there with everything needed for medication administration and computer access,” agrees Karl Lewis, pharmacy informatics specialist. “The Rubbermaid cart has helped create a safer, more positive care experience for everyone.”


Physical keys are a thing of the past. ILS small carts are part of a wireless Web-based tracking system that allows cart access pro- gramming from any computer. Manage all user information from any PC.

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cart with ILS (Intelligent Locking System) to dispense medication at the patient’s bedside.

By selecting a mobile point-

of-care solution that combines a secured compartment for accessing IT functions, auto-locking drawers for patient medication and nursing supply storage and a generous work surface, GHS has improved staff


work fl ow and improved patient care. By tracking the administration of medicines electronically in the


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