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Offering everything from videoconferencing to security-enabled medication management, these aren’t your grandfather’s carts.

t could be said that the 21st century is the Golden Age of mobile workstations. Gone are the days of clunky, squeaky-wheeled shopping carts on ste- roids. The confl uence of necessity and cutting-edge technology have conspired to transform today’s mobile


Flo Series mobile computing workstations, including the Flo 1760, with integrated videoconferencing


the Flo 1760, onferencing

Unique selling point

A highly sophisticated and modular workstation, Metro’s Flo Series 1760 wireless mobile workstation is designed to easily integrate with emerging tech- nologies to give hospitals the fl exibility to use one workstation for numerous applications, power systems and tech- nology components.

d and modular o Series 1760 on is designed merging tech- the fl exibility

for numerous ems and tech-

Point of care with 80 miles of reachiles of rea For patients in rural communities, geographic isolation can provide a signifi cant barrier to receiving quality timely care. The problem is especially serious in Nebraska, with a popula- tion density of just 23 people per square mile.

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an provide a eiving quality,

m is especially h a popula- people per

To address this challenge, the Dialysis Center of Lincoln (DCL), in Lincoln, Neb., turned to Metro for help with developing a customized, state-of-the-art telehealth solu- tion. On a typical day, doctors and nurse practitioners at the Lincoln facility are able to examine dozens of patients

ge the Dialysis Center of Lincoln

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during dialysis treatment. While accessing the patient’s EMR, they carefully check the patient’s skin color, the point of access for the dialysis equipment and other health conditions related to the patients’ kidney disease. It sounds routine – except that many of the patients are 80 miles north, at DCL’s Columbus facility. The visual exams and documentation are completed using

8 August 2010

workstations, carts and COWs (computers on wheels) from the frumpy fl otsam of our forefathers into the beautiful belles of the ball.

Here is a selection of latest models from some of the leaders in the industry:


• Base cart footprint 17” x 17” • Aluminum base, polymer column and work surface with steel support

• Base car • Alumin surface

• Work surface 21.5” x 18”; height adjustable from 34” to 47”

• Work su height a

• Four swivel casters: two locking, two non-locking, low rolling resistance • User confi gurable storage; available

• Four sw two non co

available with multiple accessory options

• Standard LCD display is 19” diagonal; options: touch screen; 22”

• Standar options

DCL’s state-of-the-art telehealth system sup- ported by Metro’s Flo Series mobile computing workstations equipped with videoconferencing systems. Each mobile computing worksta- tion is equipped with a 19-inch monitor and a Polycom videoconferencing system, i including a camera, microphone and codec.

’s state-

ported by Me workstations e systems. E tion is e

o ncludi

codec. Because

power supply there is Because the workstation carries its own

power supply, there is no need to plug in, which elimi- nates hassles – and safety issues. The Flo workstations feature a superior mobile power solution combined with enhanced wireless connectivity, allowing DCL’s care teams to move the units around the clinics as needed for patient consults or educational sessions. The worksta- tions’ wireless system links to DCL’s network to transmit audio/visual data and to provide access to patient records in the EMR system. “Workstation mobility is important because our pa- tients are confi ned to the chair during treatment,” says Larry Emerson, CEO of DCL. “Metro helped us design a system that enables us to bring the cart to them with a camera on it, which is key to the whole system.”


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