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Products and Services

Specialty cart Anthro’s Zido is a compact cart, ready to customize for a medical equipment cart, COW, PACS, OR cart or an EMR cart. Zido’s 4-inch casters allow for room-to-room mobil- ity and over elevator thresholds. Available in various widths and heights, the cart provides fl exibility for smaller spaces; it can be used as a nursing station cart or for point-of-care. The shelves have a weight capacity of 50 pounds, and the entire cart has a 150-pound overall weight limit. There are more than 16 accessories that can be added, including a keyboard caddy, single or dual monitor mounts for imaging, a glove box holder, probe holders, metal bins or oxygen tank holder for medical solutions. Add extra shelves and bins of vari- ous sizes for storage. Anthro

Clinical decision-support solution

McKesson’s 2010 InterQual Criteria is an evidence-based clinical decision support solu- tion. The release includes expanded clinical content and technology enhancements and builds in more guidance for managing the con- ditions that are most likely to lead to prevent- able readmissions. Quality indictor checklists help organizations make care-related decisions for common chronic conditions, such as con- gestive heart failure, pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The interac- tive format also enables standardized data capture and documentation. Discharge plan- ning guides for select conditions allow care managers to monitor hospital patients at risk for readmission from the moment they arrive at a facility and proactively manage them to help ensure transition to the appropriate care setting at the right time. McKesson

Patient communication service

athenahealth’s athenaCommunicator is fully integrated with athenahealth’s estab- lished Web-based physician practice manage- ment and electronic health record services. The solution offers a set of communication tools and services designed to manage pa- tient interactions triggered by practice staff or by automated routines within athenaNet, athenahealth’s Web-based platform. Autho- rized users can view a record of all patient communications conducted via a patient Web portal, automated messaging platform, or an athenahealth operator. athenahealth


Eclipsys’ Sunrise Enterprise 5.5 is an electronic health record (EHR) solution. The product includes Helios by Eclipsys, an open- architecture platform designed to promote the enhanced exchange of data between dis- parate software systems. Sunrise Enterprise features an intuitive user interface, enhanced system responsiveness and a customizable workspace combine. The system upgrade includes extended functionality designed specifi cally to help healthcare organizations meet the expected meaningful-use require- ments of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 (ARRA), as well as to achieve Stage 7 in the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Records Adoption Model. Eclipsys

Digital mammography workstation Merge Healthcare’s Merge Mammo is a

vendor-neutral digital mammography work- station that is offered as a stand-alone or integrated Fusion Workstation application capable of displaying multi-modality images (e.g. digital mammography, ultrasound, MR, CT) from a single workstation. Beyond its dedicated breast-imaging elements, Merge Mammo features a wide range of standard manipulation and navigation features, includ- ing lesion contouring and cross-correlation tools. Line Measurement Tool enables users to set preferred line thickness. Optimum View Tool improves the clarity of subtle anatomic structures. Fanning View improves reads by allowing users to specify spatial orienta- tion on each monitor separately, creating a fanned chest-wall-to-chest-wall view. Merge Healthcare Patient-access suite

Passport’s eCare Patient Access Suite pro- vides a set of solutions and services that can be used to verify patient information, address compliance and manage patient payments – all in advance of service. The suite is designed to help hospitals prevent problems that often surface as lost revenue after a patient is treated. Services and solutions within the suite include insurance eligibility verifi cation, address verifi cation, registration quality assur- ance, physician order screening, patient pay- ment estimation, and eCashiering for patient payment collections. Passport

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