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HIMSS10 products

The largest healthcare IT conference, the HIMSS10 show, was held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta last month. It featured more than 800 vendors and an estimated 30,000 attendees.

Here is a sampling of some of the many products unveiled at the convention:

Clinical-knowledge platform

GE Healthcare’s Qualibria is an open-architecture, clinical-knowledge platform that brings together real-time data from existing IT systems and compares it against shared baselines of evidence-based best practices. The solution alerts clinical staff to variations from desired practice, leading to reduction of inappropriate variation in care delivery. By presenting dashboards for specifi c sets of patients, based on condition, role or other criteria, Qualibria enables immediate access to relevant patient data. This allows hospital executives to track and manage quality initiatives at the time of care delivery, rather than through retrospective reporting. The platform can combine data from both GE Centricity systems and non-

GE systems. GE Healthcare

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SOA platform

Axolotl’s Elysium Open Access integrates applications from Greenway Medical Technologies, eHealthGlobal Tech- nologies and PeerPlace into an HIE exchange. The standards-based service-oriented architecture platform enables critical applications to connect into the HIE via exposed Web services, and allows data communications with external systems, such as PHRs, immunization registries, public health organizations and other HIEs through purpose-specifi c data gateways. The Web services-based platform uses standards, such as HL7, IHE and CCD/CCR, to support both browser-based and mobile applications. Third-party applications integrated through Elysium Open Access will work with Axolotl’s SaaS

products. Axolotl

CPOE solution

PatientKeeper CPOE allows practices to meet meaningful-use criteria for CPOE without having to install a new HIT system. With the solution, physicians can personalize order sets and incorporate evidence-based orders. As the system col- lects data on ordering practices, hospitals can incorporate and modify evidence-based order sets, as needed. PatientKeeper CPOE exists as a layer on top of a hospital’s current IT infrastructure and routes orders to existing departmental systems for processing and fulfi llment, allowing a hospital to leverage existing hospital IT investments. Physicians have the option of using a smartphone or other mobile device to enter orders, reducing verbal orders and eliminating the compliance issues associated with them. The solution supports both paper and electronic-based processes. PatientKeeper

30 April 2010


Motorola’s DS6878-HC cordless 2D imager extends access of critical information to the patient’s bedside, the nurse’s station, operating room and beyond. The imager provides real-time access to in- formation and allows healthcare personnel to scan documents, such as drivers’ licenses and insurance cards, for identifi cation, as well as facial images, to create and maintain EMRs. IP43 sealing and specially designed plastic housing allow for safe wipe-downs and sanitizing without harming the housing or components. The omnidirectional scanner can capture 1D or 2D bar codes, as well as signatures, documents, still photographs and video. Bluetooth functionality provides rapid capture of informa- tion in emergency situations, and the unit can be charged over the USB cable connected to its base.



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