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pair is wrapped with a foil shield, along with an overall to physician offi ces, one for large diagnostic fi les and the

shield around all four pairs. The individually shielded other for fl exible support of voice, printers and video.
pairs virtually eliminate crosstalk between pairs within In the administrative offi ces, three drops were provided
the same cable and, in combination with the shield to every two-employee workstation, typically supporting
braid, provide superior noise two computers at 100 Mbps, two analog phones and a
For more information on immunity versus unshielded printer – leaving fi ve pairs (or one full channel and one
Siemon solutions:
cable. pair) open for future needs.

The TERA connector

maintains cable shield integrity and noise immunity into
The combination of fully shielded cable and
the outlet through a quadrant design that isolates each
the interface provides a unique solution to

pair within the interface. This standards-based design fi ts
within an RJ-45 footprint and can be integrated into RJ-
Grove Hill’s need for fl exibility in addressing
based equipment via hybrid TERA to RJ patch cords.
In addition to enabling high-speed data transfer, the
frequent moves, adds and changes within its
combination of fully shielded cable and the interface
less bandwidth-intensive applications.
also provides a unique solution to Grove Hill’s need for
fl exibility in addressing frequent moves, adds and changes
within its less-bandwidth-intensive applications. Through “Between the TERA product benefi ts and the sup-
“cable sharing,” up to four applications can be supported port from ASI and Siemon on developing a design to
over a single Category 7A cable and outlet. take advantage of those benefi ts, we installed a cabling
The standards-accepted practice of cable-sharing is infrastructure that lets us better leverage technology for
made possible by the connector’s four-quadrant design, the patient,” says Labbadia. “Both behind the scenes and
which allows easy access to individual channel pairs via in ways patients can readily see, the performance and
hybrid patch cords, combining 1-pair, 2-pair and 4-pair fl exibility of our cabling system will help improve our
TERA-style plugs terminated to appropriately wired level of care for years to come.” HMT
RJ-45 or RJ-11 Ethernet plugs. This capability allowed
Grove Hill to support a variety of application combina-
tions in a single channel.
A future-proofed network
“Cable sharing is solving an ongoing challenge for
Health Management
Healthcare Information Systems Solutions since 1980
Grove Hill,” explains Labbadia. “In the end, we are

focused on patient needs and delivering services that
has partnered with
enhance patient care. But predicting what services we
will need in the future has always been diffi cult. With
a TERA channel, we have a one-to-all capability. If we

need a phone in a patient room, a TV, an Ethernet con-
nection so a physician can review treatment information
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with patients – we already have the connectivity in place.

We just plug in a patch cord.”
The design and installation of the system was man-
aged by ASI, a Siemon-certifi ed installer and overseen
by Grove Hill’s IT team. Working with Siemon’s tech-
nical services group, a TERA cabling-system design was
implemented that precisely matched connectivity to
application, function and user.
Nelson Publishing
Grove Hill’s imaging and other bandwidth-intensive
diagnostic areas utilize full 4-pair Category 7a bandwidth
2500 Tamiami Tr N
to handle current and future fi le-transfer needs. Each pa-
Nokomis, FL 34275
tient room is supplied with one TERA channel to manage
potential connectivity needs through cable sharing.
Already, Labbadia and his team are taking advantage
of the fl exibility, adding phones, video and data connec-
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tions on an as-needed basis. Two channels were added HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY February 2010 37
HHMT1002 Siemon FINAL.indd 37MT1002 Siemon FINAL.indd 37 11/25/2010 2:21:11 PM/25/2010 2:21:11 PM
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