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EHR fi nancing offered
A number of healthcare
technology vendors are
now offering free fi nancing for electronic health

record (EHR) purchases, in an effort to increase
adoption of electronic records. Ingenix introduced a

package that includes interest-free fi nancing, health
information-technology services and performance

REVISED PDF Strategically Transitioning to ICD for Providers & guarantees.
Plans, Feb. 18-19, Atlanta, provides information for Cost is physicians’ top concern when considering
transitioning to ICD-10
EHRs, according to a recent Ingenix survey of 1,000 and HIPPA 5010.
physicians and physician-practice administrators.
More than 80 percent ranked cost as one of the great-
est risks to deploying technology in their practice.
HIMSS10 annual Conference & Exhibition, Allscripts also is in the fi nancing game, introducing
March 1-4, Atlanta, offers education sessions with the Allscripts Stimulus Program, for physicians to
continued emphasis on the American Recovery
purchase and rapidly deploy EHRs that will qualify
and Reinvestment Act and new topic categories
for signifi cant federal incentives. The program pro-
on workforce development, regulatory compliance,
vides physicians with a guarantee that the Allscripts
PG.10 clinical informatics and
EHR they select will meet the EHR certifi cation cri- globalization.
teria provided by the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services. The program provides no payments
3rd National Medicare RAC Summit, March 4-5,
for software for the fi rst six months on purchases of
Washington, D.C., is a hybrid conference, Internet
its EHR solutions, as well as new programs focused
event and training forum on the Medicare recovery
on faster implementations.
audit contractor
Allscripts will offer the program on all new pur- program.
chases of its EHR solutions, enabling its clients to
obtain fi nancing from Allscripts’ preferred banking
partners. Physicians can elect to make no payments
April on software for up to six months, followed by

monthly payments over the time period that works
7th annual World Healthcare Congress, April
12-14, Washington, D.C., gathers chief and senior
best for them.
executives from all sectors of healthcare from the
The Ingenix program enables physicians to

nation’s largest employers, hospitals and health
implement Ingenix CareTracker EHR with no out-
of-pocket costs and no payments until 2011 – when

I/O CHECK American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
reimbursements for EHRs begin.

Military Health Management 2010, April 26-28,
Qualifying U.S. physicians can receive an interest-
Arlington, Va., covers a combination of high-level
free loan from Ingenix to license and implement
DoD and VA initiatives, as well as case studies around
the EHR. The fi nancing covers implementation and
projects and developments under way throughout the
monthly subscription costs until Nov. 30, 2015.
Qualifying physicians can repay the loans with annual
reimbursement dollars from the incentives authorized
in the stimulus bill. Under the terms of the ARRA,
Nelson Publishing
physicians can receive up to $44,000 in Medicare
2500 Tamiami Tr N
May reimbursements over fi ve years for implementing an
Nokomis, FL 34275
Healthcare IT Institute, May 2-4, Atlanta,
EHR and demonstrating meaningful use.
facilitates dialogue among healthcare CIOs regarding
Ingenix also guarantees that its EHR will support
how IT can be used to efficiently integrate data meaningful-use requirements.
and information across IBM, Cardinal Health and Practice Fusion have various departments. similar offerings. HMT
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