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Products and Services


Multiscreen KVM Interactive pen display
Adder’s AdderView PRO MultiScreen Wacom’s DTZ-2100 interactive pen display
range of professional-grade keyboard, allows users to work with a pressure-sensitive
video, mouse and audio (KVMA) switches pen directly on the screen to illustrate condi-
include separate models that support dual, tions and treatment plans by integrating and

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triple or quad video heads per channel. enhancing features offered through industry
The family of switches enables users to software solutions. By utilizing a direct, digital,

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share high-resolution screens and USB pen-on-screen work flow, Wacom displays
peripherals between multiple computers. The allow users to create and interact with data.

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KVM, speakers and two separate USB devices The pen displays deliver accurate contoured
attached to the AdderView PRO units can images, delineating target volumes for radia-
either be switched in unison, as normal, or tion therapy. With a 21.3-inch LCD monitor,
peripherals may be mixed between any of the the DTZ-2100 combines a high-resolution
systems. The AdderView PRO MultiScreen display and a dynamically adjustable stand that
series allows medical-imaging displays to be allows the display to be rotated and inclined
shared across multiple computer systems, for optimal viewing and ergonomics. Wacom
eliminating the need for multiple high-reso-
lution displays. Adder
Pg.42 Ethernet solution suite
Pharma supply protection
ComNet has introduced the ComWorx NanoGuardian’s Closed-Loop Protection
product line, which consists of copper to fiber- combines the on-dose authentication and
optic Ethernet media converters, unmanaged tracing benefits of NanoGuardian’s NanoEn-
Ethernet switches, and managed Ethernet cryption technology with a proactive pharma-
switches. ComNet presents a diverse Ethernet cy-auditing program to identify counterfeit or
solution suite by expanding the product line illegally diverted pharmaceuticals entering the
to include Ethernet-over-unshielded- global supply chain. NanoGuardian’s NanoEn-
twisted-pair (UTP) and Ethernet- cryption technology provides on-dose security
over-coaxial-cable media converters, features at the overt, covert and forensic levels
serial-data-to-Ethernet-data devices and can be applied directly to tablets, capsules

and contact-closure-over-Ethernet devices, and vial caps. These multilayered security
as well as an environmentally hardened video features provide a dual-protective benefit to
encoder. ComNet

manufacturers. NanoGuardian


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Touch-screen laser printer On-demand digital copies

prod mGr Lexmark’s T656dne monochrome laser Data Distributing’s DISCO is a digital
printer is a monochrome A4 (8.5-by-11-inch) chart-copy solution that produces patient
laser printer with a touch screen, providing the record copies on disc for medical records
ability to tap into a powerful solutions plat- departments whether they are EMR based,
form. The T656dne enables customers to ex- paper based or a hybrid of both. DISCO
pand the device to meet specific needs within performs HL7 queries and retrieves patient
their organizations by utilizing Lexmark’s information from the HIS or EMR, creating
Embedded Solutions Framework (eSF), which on-demand digital copies of either full charts
Nelson Publishing
enables customizable or industry-specific solu- or specific encounters, and burns the patient
2500 Tamiami Tr N tions to streamline paper-based processes. It
data to a Rimage Disc Publishing system.
makes possible solutions capabilities for large Unique software also protects the security
Nokomis, FL 34275
workgroups, providing access to preloaded and of the data. Additionally, DISCO indelibly
1-800-226-6113 customizable applications at the touch of an prints the appropriate patient data directly
icon. The T656dne prints up to 55 pages per on the CD for identification and shipment.
minute. Lexmark Data Distributing
42 February 2010 HealtH ManageMent tecHnology
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