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auditor. When every new request enters the system, audits well on their way, there is no time for thinking

the designated people on the team are notifi ed. Then, “It won’t happen to me.” Therefore, organizations
it is automatically assigned to one person to manage. need to get a better handle on their information and
That person can quickly see the deadline, the tasks data – and fast. Obviously, each organization has dif-
needed to complete it and the request’s expected ferent dynamics that will impact how the audits are
completion date. managed. Regardless of the differences, providers
• Information control: Much of an organization’s suc- need to prepare sooner than later.

cess with audits rests on its ability to provide all the

right evidence. By using the software, the organiza-
tion’s content is managed in a single centrally managed
With the RAC program and other new

audits well on their way, there is no time for
repository. This increases its chances of having the
right proof ready in a timely manner. If an appeal is
thinking “It won’t happen to me.” Therefore,
necessary, the provider has proof of when and how
the organization responded the fi rst time around.
organizations need to get a better handle on
• An audit of the audit: With all the new audits springing
their information and data – and fast.
up, organizations need to perfect the art of handling
them. Technology, such as content management, en-
ables providers to track trends associated with their At the end of the day, focus on what can be controlled
responses. By analyzing this information, providers – the audit process. By taking charge of how it is con-
can get a better idea of where they could have done trolled and the content that goes with it – with the right
better and what was causing the problem. So the next mix of technology – organizations can eliminate much of
time there is an audit, they can improve their response the costs that pile up from manually executed and paper-
and ultimately their results. laden audit processes. HMT
These benefi ts will go a long
Susan deCathelineau, MS, way when handling an audit.
RHIA, is the healthcare Keep in mind, though, that
manager for Hyland Software.
one technology cannot do it
For more information on Hyland
all. Content management is
Software solutions:
important in some ways, but,
the reality is that a “one size
fi ts all” does not exist. Therefore, focus on fi nding the
Security Oversight for HIPAA Audit and Compliance
Learn how ArcSight helps streamline HIPAA audits and protect PHI
right mix of the right technologies that make sense for
through continuous monitoring, mitigate the risk of non-compliance

the organization. and disclosure, and extract greater value from existing IT invest-
Of course, the tough part is getting the project off
the ground. To help, here are a few quick tips to get
E-Prescribing White Paper: Physician HIT Adoption

Barriers to the adoption of EHRs are presented, plus an e-prescrib-
• Check out what technology your organization already
ing transaction model, and feedback from physicians who have
uses. When budgets were nearly limitless, many pro-
adopted a system with positive results.

viders bought lots of products to support lots of needs
Reconceiving Disease Management
(real or perceived, immediate or expected in the
This white paper demonstrates Intel’s vision for the role of remote
future). Some of these could be better used, possibly
patient monitoring (RPM) technology in chronic disease manage-
even for the audits. Look into how these products ment and identifi es the core issues that disease management
were originally supposed to be used, how they are
professionals must address.
being used today and even how other organizations
Connecting Patients and Healthcare Professionals
are using them.
The Intel Health Guide Solution Brief provides a closer look at next-
• Talk with your current technology vendors. As tech- generation remote patient monitoring.
Nelson Publishing
nology developers, it is the vendors’ job to keep up
with how their offerings solve customer business
Mountain States Health Alliance – 2500 Tamiami Tr N
2009 Materials Management Department of the Year
problems. Even if their product cannot directly help,
Mountain States Health Alliance was recognized by Healthcare
Nokomis, FL 34275
they should be aware of the audits and able to rec-
Purchasing News as the 2009 Materials Management Department 1-800-226-6113
ommend certain products. Also, in many cases, they
of the Year. Get an inside look at a winning supply chain.
will have partnerships with providers whose products
meet your needs.
• Start now. With the RAC program and other new HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY February 2010 31
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