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Olathe Health System launched its integrated PACS enterprise-capable and could grow with the organization.
project with a specifi c set of 10 goals – all achieved – From this data, Olathe whittled the vendor list to the top
aimed at improving the timeliness of care and enhancing three, conducted site visits, and then had on-site demos
services delivered. Based on these objectives, the team for the two fi nalists.
sought to create a secure system that would protect
patients’ privacy and comply with HIPAA, yet make im- Work-fl ow analysis critical

ages available easily and quickly to enable fast, accurate Critical to the planning process was the detailed work-

diagnosis and effective collaboration among all physicians fl ow analysis. “We forced the deep-dive analysis of what
involved in the patient’s care. The ultimate objective was was happening in every area, including the fi lm library,”

reliable, easy access to medical images from any device Craig says. “A cursory work-fl ow analysis could have put
or procedure, anywhere in Olathe’s organization. “The the PACS go-live in jeopardy.
bottom line is that you can’t afford not to deploy PACS “We really don’t have any issues today with our PACS
in the world today,” observes Craig. – everything just works so well,” she adds. “Analyzing
After an exhaustive quali- work fl ow was a long, painful process, but we learned
For more information on fi cation and selection pro- what we were doing today, and what we needed to do
GE Healthcare solutions:
cess, the team chose the tomorrow. My advice to other sites is if they try to
Centricity PACS from GE implement PACS fast and furious, without a complete
Healthcare. According to Craig, Olathe started with work-fl ow analysis, they will experience pain with the
the top 10-rated vendors and evaluated each based on implementation and, possibly, beyond. And would you
annual cost, fi ve-year cost of service, maintenance and rather have the pain on the front end, where you can
implementation time. The fi ve-year cost-of-service pro- work toward resolving it, or do you want it on the back
jection included savings on fi lm and processing, but the end, where you may not be able to fi x it?”
primary objective was to improve access to information Film library work fl ow would remain important dur-
and enable safe, high-quality care with a system that was ing the PACS deployment because during the transition


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