Phil Colpas

Did the headline get your attention because it looks a little funny?

Blame it on e e cummings.

I remember that name, sans punctuation and capitalization, staring up at me through the pages of my grade school poetry primer.

Already a pre-pubescent editor-in-training, I wanted to red-pen this recalcitrant rebel, post haste! Who did he think he was? If I wrote my name that way, I would surely be penalized for it. You capitalize proper names and put periods after initials. That’s just the way it’s done. After all, there are rules, Mr. cummings, if that is your Real Name.

But as I’ve gotten older, fatter and ever-so-slightly wiser, I’ve learned a couple things:

First, thinking outside the box – and possibly breaking a few rules along the way – can get you noticed; and second, getting noticed isn’t a bad thing, provided you have something worthwhile to share. (Just think of all the companies that have adopted cummings’ less-is-more philosophy of non-capitalization in their names and logos.)

And once a healthcare IT solutions vendor gets noticed, there are really only two questions that must be answered that are worthwhile: How will this solution help provide better care for patients? And how will it reduce costs?

Sure, there is a multitude of logistical concerns, hoops to jump through, meaningful use to meet. But although there is a veritable plethora of potentially nightmarish complexities attached to every solution, it really all boils down to those two simple questions.

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e e cummings was a TRAILBLAZER
By: HMT Mag
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