QUINCY, Mass. – April 29, 2013 – ConnectedLiving, a mission-based organization helping senior citizens live richer, more connected lives through the use of technology, today announced a partnership with CDW Healthcare, a leading provider of technology solutions for healthcare. Together both organizations will deliver the technology, services and training necessary to get entire senior living communities online.

More than half of adults over 65 actively use the Internet today, and in the next decade, 85 million baby boomers will retire and enter care facilities or require home health assistance. As they make choices about where they will reside, they will consider access to technology. Internet connectivity and other technology amenities are now standard and expected in senior care/long-term care facilities, especially by seniors who wish to stay connected with children and grandchildren who often communicate electronically via text, social media and the Internet.

The ConnectedLiving program creates an environment for seniors to enjoy greater social interaction by connecting them with loved ones and providing open access to community, educational resources and healthcare resources through any Internet-enabled device. Together, ConnectedLiving and CDW Healthcare will provide Web-based applications, IT infrastructure, networking technology, computing devices, hands-on staff facilitated training and remote support available seven days a week.

“Our mission is to provide the tools and resources to propel seniors along the path to independence,” said Sarah Hoit, CEO and co-founder of ConnectedLiving. “We want to make virtual socialization an inherent part of seniors’ lives. In doing so, ConnectedLiving not only improves their quality of life, but also creates better health outcomes at a lower cost.”

ConnectedLiving’s cloud-based social platform includes an interface tailored to seniors, which provides secure Internet access, email, photos, a library of vetted content, games and additional social media tools including video chat. The company facilitates programming and training, and provides onsite services to equip computer cafés with interactive displays that feature community and activity calendars, menus, local news and weather. The technology, coupled with classes, activities and support, encourages adoption and sustainable usage, enhancing overall experience and wellness.

CDW Healthcare is an exclusive hardware, software and technology design provider and has longstanding expertise in creating solutions that cater to the specific needs of healthcare and senior living environments. Through the partnership, CDW Healthcare will provide telecommunications services, updates to legacy technology solutions and the infrastructure needed to support connection speed. The solution also includes hosted telephony options, such as hotel-style phone dialing, senior-TV, bedside solutions and infotainment. Together, CDW Healthcare and ConnectedLiving will also offer a wide range of basic technology solutions with discounts for seniors and their families, including desktop computers with large print keys, monitors, printers, mobile devices and training/support.

“Moving these communities online is a big step. Online demand results in bandwidth requirements, network congestion, security issues, computing needs and ongoing maintenance,” said Bob Rossi, vice president, CDW Healthcare. “As these facilities set out to deliver a digital experience that matches the physical care experience, CDW Healthcare provides the IT expertise needed to optimize and secure the technology without adding IT personnel and increasing the overall cost of care.”

For more information about ConnectedLiving and CDW Healthcare, visit: http://www.cdwg.com/connectedliving.

ConnectedLiving and CDW Healthcare partner to get seniors online and connected
By: HMT Mag
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