May 9, 2013 (Hartford, Wisc.)—API Healthcare and TeleTracking Technologies today announced they are partnering together to enable healthcare organizations to unify critical data between systems to ensure staffing decisions align with current and future patient needs and demands.

Working together, the two organizations will bring their respective industry leading technologies to hospitals and health systems, improving operational efficiency through optimized patient flow tracking combined with evidence based workforce management decisions.

“Our relationship with TeleTracking is a reflection of our commitment to bring full-service, innovative and revolutionary technology solutions to the healthcare industry,” said J.P. Fingado, president and chief executive officer, API Healthcare. “TeleTracking is the leader in patient flow automation and their top-ranked solution is the perfect complement to API Healthcare’s full-suite of workforce solutions. Working together we can help healthcare organizations better align patient flow with the strategic deployment of staff, resulting in greater care consistency and reduced operational costs.”

“Workforce optimization and patient flow naturally go hand in hand,” said Michael Gallup, president and chief operating officer, TeleTracking Technologies. “We are inspired by API Healthcare’s commitment to the healthcare industry and their leadership position in the marketplace. Our companies have a shared view of the opportunity to improve care delivery and have entered into a strategic relationship to provide our complementary offerings. We look forward to partnering with API Healthcare to help hospitals and health systems everywhere realize the benefits that come from leveraging two powerful sets of data when making decisions that directly impact both efficiency and the quality of care patients receive.”

API Healthcare’s HwIE facilitates the sharing of all data from the Electronic Employee Record in a health system, allowing for talent development and utilization across the entire continuum of care. A broad approach to addressing the changing needs and demands in the healthcare industry, API Healthcare’s workforce management solutions help managers make decisions that result in higher care quality, improved staff engagement and a reduction in labor costs.

TeleTracking’s Real-Time Capacity Management solutions incorporate patient flow automation that aids in decision support, allowing nurses and scheduling managers to better predict where and when patient needs will be the greatest. Leveraging current and predictive census data from TeleTracking, care providers get a clear picture of the patient landscape days in advance. When considered in conjunction with the information provided by API Healthcare’s HwIE, this insight allows scheduling managers to staff more efficiently, resulting in a both a higher level of care quality and optimized resource efficiency.

API Healthcare and Teletracking Technologies announce partnership
By: HMT Mag
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