No matter what the job setting, at some point, every health information technology professional ponders, “Am I really being paid what I am worth”? 

The 2013 HIMSS Compensation Survey makes it easier to answer that question with data to compare salaries and compensation packages, average salary increases and salary information by a variety of demographic variables. In addition, HIMSS members have exclusive access to an online salary calculator, job descriptions and benefits information.

Survey Methodology:  HIMSS members, and other health IT professionals for whom HIMSS had an email address, received an invitation to participate, with data collection for the survey from August to October 2013. HIMSS received 1,160 usable responses. Read more about the survey methodology.

Highlights of the survey results include the following data points.

Average Salary Increase: 

  • Over two-thirds (71.6 percent) of survey respondents indicated that they received a salary increase.
  • The average salary increase among these respondents was 4.1 percent.

Average Salaries

  • The average salary of the 1,126 healthcare IT professionals providing compensation information is $113,269.
  • The median salary (that which falls in the middle of distribution) is $95,000.


  • Slightly less than half of respondents reported that they received a bonus (46.8 percent). 
  • Among those who did receive a bonus, the median bonus was 3-4 percent of annual salary. 
  • Of those respondents that received a bonus, 23.7 percent reported that their bonus was more than 10 percent of their salary.

Additional survey results indicated those working for smaller organizations reported higher average salary increases than did those respondents who work for larger organizations. In addition, two-thirds of respondents also reported they receive a salary increase once a year.

“The HIMSS Compensation Survey offers valuable insights on salaries for health IT professionals, and the Salary Calculator provides an interactive tool to better gauge appropriate salaries for certain positions and geographic locations, to name just two of the demographic variables used in this online resource. HIMSS will continue to track health IT compensation trends to provide valuable information to help professionals manage their salary and career advancement,” said Jennifer Horowitz, Senior Director, Research, HIMSS Analytics. 

For more information:

The complete results of the HIMSS Compensation Survey, including the Salary Calculator, are available to HIMSS members on the HIMSS Member Center.

2013 HIMSS compensation survey finds two-thirds of respondents received a salary increase
By: HMT Mag
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