The TriZetto Group is enhancing its care management and value-based solutions for health plan members and their providers through a strategic partnership with clinical analytics developer MEDai. The goal of combining TriZetto solutions and MEDai analytics is to provide a comprehensive approach to maximizing the use and benefits of care management programs and value-based incentive and reimbursement programs by including enhanced features, such as clinical risk modeling, identification and stratification, patient compliance monitoring, provider cost and utilization analysis and comparison, cohort analysis, and other health data analytic capabilities. These capabilities are expected to be embedded in TriZetto's Clinical CareAdvance and Value-Based Benefits Solution in 2011, in addition to future integration into TriZetto's patient-centered medical home (PCMH) solution and core administration systems.

Health plans and medical practices alike will be able to use the integrated solution to model and compare their costs based on full practitioner and patient compliance with clinical best practices versus actual compliance or noncompliance. In this way, both payers and practitioners can manage the clinical and financial outcomes for their members, patients and practices.

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