Take telehealth to the next level

Online Care 6.0 is a comprehensive telehealth infrastructure that extends the point of care from hospitals to physician offices and employer clinics into the home, enabling coordinated, clinically meaningful care using the Web, mobile and medical devices. Standout advancements include one-click care, house calls via mobile apps, a “warm transfer” capability that allows providers to transfer patients directly to an affiliated provider and the ability to exchange vital data directly with electronic health records and key medical devices. American Well

Comprehensive training portal

The TIGR University (TIGRU) Web portal is a customer service, training and support resource for TeleHealth Services’ client hospitals. This on-demand solution makes it easier than ever for users to receive product education, news and information, as well as to interact and network with service and support professionals and peers on best practices. The portal was developed in direct response to a growing need for automated self-service tools to access information 24/7 on the many uses of interactive patient-engagement systems. TeleHealth Services

A critical step in the evolution of virtual care

The Intel-GE Care Innovations Guide – Virtual Care Suite is a Web-based interface with intuitive navigation that helps clinicians see patient data quickly, simply and according to their own preferences. Clinicians can manage patient loads by aggregating and prioritizing patient information, highlighting critical issues and personalizing care protocols. The Care Innovations Guide – Virtual Care Suite can also synchronize Care Innovations Guide-collected data with the existing IT infrastructure of most healthcare organizations. Intel-GE

Super advanced, super simple

Cisco HealthPresence provides all the elements of a typical telemedicine encounter through a common user interface, while removing the technical complexity for healthcare providers and medical staff. The latest version reflects collaboration between Cisco and Emerge.MD, a Phoenix, Ariz.-based provider of telehealth SaaS. Standout new features include: compatibility with a broad portfolio of Cisco video platforms, a scalable architecture that permits easy localization and integration with new third-party medical devices, and enhanced workflows and support for health network collaboration. Cisco


Customizable to meet your needs

Rubbermaid telemedicine cart solutions provide mobile, point-of-care platforms to connect doctors, specialists and clinicians to where patients are – whether in a hospital, clinic or residential facility. Built on the best-in-class mobile platform users have come to expect from Rubbermaid, the T38 platform is customizable to address different telemedicine requirements, including: medical device connection, high-definition video conferencing, platform computing, touch annotation and content sharing. Rubbermaid


Worldwide medical collaboration

NoMachine NX software is an enterprise-class solution for secure remote access, application delivery and hosted desktop deployment. During a recent demonstration at TEDxMaastricht 2012, Dr. Jelle Barentsz used NoMachine’s virtual desktop to access MRI software located on his hospital’s clinical servers in the Netherlands and then collaborated with physicians located in the U.S. and Australia, as well as a physician in the audience using an iPad. All four doctors viewed the MRI at the same time and, using a medical videoconferencing program, quickly came to a treatment consensus. NoMachine


An easier way to reach out


The V6 is the latest model in Humanscale’s ViewPoint line of technology wall stations, which unites ergonomic comfort with space-saving design to provide easy computer access in healthcare environments. This solution can be used sitting or standing. The V6 has a track width of less than five inches and offers a customizable track length, so it is an excellent choice for computing in tight spaces. Monitor and keyboard supports adjust to accommodate the ergonomic requirements of 95 percent of users, allowing for easy positioning. Humanscale


Monitoring services for the elderly

Independa is incorporating the 2net Platform from Qualcomm Life Inc. into its Artemis suite of telecare monitoring solutions for the elderly and their caregivers. The 2net Platform is a cloud-based service that enables the wireless transfer, storage and display of medical device data. It interconnects with almost all monitoring devices and applications, enabling end-to-end wireless connectivity that provides the device users and their caregivers a convenient, secure, standards-based way to upload and access biometric information. Devices include weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, blood glucose meters and pulse oximeters. Independa; Qualcomm Life

One-touch smartphone communications


The Vocera Connect application brings the best of Vocera one-touch communication to the iPhone and Android devices. This solution complements the hands-free Vocera B3000 Communication Badge that allows hospital personnel to communicate instantly from the point of care. With Vocera Connect, care providers can use their existing device to leverage the intelligent workflow of the Vocera System when working inside or outside a facility, over a Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. The Vocera System also integrates with existing third-party applications, such as nurse-call systems and inventory-management systems. Vocera Communications

Telemedicine for the health plan market

MyHealthPlan 24/7 is a cloud-based telemedicine platform designed to support health plans in reducing costs and meeting market demand for more affordable, efficient and immediate access to quality healthcare. This solution gives payer organizations the ability to offer their members on-demand access to their provider network or Consult A Doctor’s national network of on-call physicians. Members can access a resource-rich patient portal to research and review wellness information, schedule appointments, email a doctor or use the click-to-call function. Consult A Doctor


Remote consults get flexible

REACH Access is a multidisciplinary telemedicine clinical platform that supports virtual collaborative care and is easily configured to accommodate all medical specialties. The REACH cloud-based platform was originally developed to provide urgent care for stroke victims, delivering neurological assessment and treatment in situations where any delay could affect recovery. REACH Access extends these telemedicine benefits to other disciplines and clinical protocols. This intuitive interface includes full electronic clinical documentation functionality and support for multiparty telepresence. REACH Health


Remote patient monitoring service

AT&T has partnered with Valued Relationships Inc. (VRI) to deliver a remote patient monitoring service that allows for a stronger connection between patients and caregivers, resulting in a reduction of hospital readmissions. This solution allows a VRI nurse-staffed telemonitoring center to monitor patients around the clock for everything ranging from basic vital signs to chronic diseases, following standard-of-care guidelines established by physicians and healthcare providers. The service can alert caregivers when intervention is needed. This end-to-end solution is scheduled to be available in the third quarter of 2012. AT&T; VRI


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