Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center in Arizona installed a SpeciMinder autonomous mobile robot in April in its central laboratory. Supplied by Swisslog Healthcare Solutions, the unit is designed to transport specimens, tissues and other items between receiving and testing stations within the four walls of the lab. Once the bot's payload compartment is loaded, a destination button is selected and the robot automatically picks the most efficient delivery route. After all deliveries are made, the robot returns to its charging station and remains there until summoned.

Cool features of SpeciMinder include human-like voice commands that notify staff of its presence, laser guidance that ensures avoidance of people and objects, and the ability to interface with automatic doors along its route. The robot requires no facility modifications during installation, and its route can be quickly mapped and modified. It can transport a 50-pound payload at normal walking speeds through hallways as narrow as 27 inches.

“We expect the SpeciMinder to help us achieve consistent, enhanced turnaround time and improved efficiency by relieving staff of manually moving specimens within the lab,” says Susan Bittikofer, lab manager at Scottsdale Healthcare.

SpeciMinder is available for either purchase or lease.

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