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"Tactical Operations"

Dealing with equipment end-of-life issues

pointer By Sean Magann, Vice President, Sims Recycling Solutions,
An explanation of how electronic medical devices ought to be handled at the end of their life cycles.

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Meeting network infrastructure challenges

pointer By Alexandra Sewell, Executive Director, Emerging Markets, Comcast Business, December, 2014
An explanation of how Ethernet networks can help healthcare organizations overcome certain IT and workflow inefficiencies.

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Welcome to HIE 2.0

pointer By Thomas J. Van Gilder, M.D., J.D., M.P.H., Chief of Medical Services, Certify Data Systems, December, 2014
An examination of trending HIE applications.

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Patient engagement solutions

pointer By P. Nelson Le, M.D., Clinical Advisor, InterSystems, November, 2014
An examination of various patient engagement solutions relative to HIEs.

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Your item master can be deceitful

pointer By Todd M. Tabel, Vice President, ERP and Supply Chain Solutions, McKesson Provider Technologies - Health Systems Performance Management, November, 2014
An explanation of virtual item master and artificial intelligence applications and processes relative to the supply chain.

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Barcoding 2.0: Better patient monitoring, better patient safety

pointer By David Crist, Senior Vice President, Brother Mobile Solutions, October, 2014
An examination of potential barcoding applications and processes.

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The impact of HIPAA and HITECH on healthcare data governance.

pointer By Chris Grossman, Senior Vice President Enterprise Applications, Rand Secure Data, October, 2014
A discussion of strategies for proper data governance.

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Business associates: Understanding the true risks

pointer By Gary Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer, Vendormate, September, 2014
A discussion of strategies for managing Business Associate Agreements.

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Providing the right care to the right patient at the right time

pointer By Wayne Sensor, CEO of Ensocare and Kyle Salem, Ph.D., Managing Director, CQuence Health Group, September, 2014
A discussion of strategies for reducing readmissions while complying with

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Preventing readmissions through analytics

pointer By Ravi Nemana, MBA, Managing Director Products, Performance Technologies, The Advisory Board Company and Barbara S. Harvath, RN, BA Public Service/Health, Senior Director, Performance Technologies, The Advisory Board Company, August, 2014
An examination of the use of analytics to reduce readmissions in healthcare organizations.

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Using actionable analytics to meet the Triple Aim

pointer By Eric Heil, Co-Founder, President and CEO, RightCare, August, 2014
How to use actionable analytics to reduce readmissions and personalize care.

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Closing the loop on hospital readmissions

pointer By Kathleen C. Aller, August, 2014
An examination of the use of closed-loop analytics to reduce readmissions in healthcare organizations.

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Document management software can be the perfect Rx for healthcare offices

pointer By Jeff Pickard, President & CEO of Lucion Technologies, LLC, August, 2014
An outline of how document management software can streamline healthcare documentation.

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HL7 FHIR when ready

pointer By Willie Tillery, Director of Image Exchange, Nuance Communications, June, 2014
A closer look at document management in radiology.

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From just coping to making profits

pointer By Jason Free, Features Editor, June, 2014
Practices are reeling from the constant state of change they face in terms of chaotic regulatory influences, evolving technologies and increased patient expectations, and it is difficult, if not impossible, to predict how the healthcare landscape will look in the coming decade

Other Tags:  Population Health 

Facing the music

pointer By Jason Free, Features Editor, May, 2014
A discussion of unique device identification, GUDID and the supply chain in healthcare.

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Unlocking Cloud Computing

pointer By Jason Free, Features Editor, April, 2014
An examination of Seattle Children's Hospital's use of cloud computing.

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Planning for the unknown

pointer By Jason Free, Features Editor, March, 2014
Maintaining your network infrastructure during a disaster.

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