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2 sides of telemedicine implementation:

pointer By Gorkem Sevinc, MS, CIIP, Paras Khandheria, M.D. & Robert Kolodner, M.D.,
One of the biggest drivers for telemedicine has been radiology. Radiology was the first department in most hospitals to go electronic with the implementation of dictation through speech recognition software, PACS (picture archiving and communications system) and RIS (radiology information system).

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Enhancing patient care across borders

pointer By Pete West, January, 2014
Telemedicine is improving access to treatment, especially in the Third World.

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The key to making telemedicine work

pointer By Scott Frederick, April, 2013
Successful adoption of telemedicine solutions is all about design and functionality.

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Preventable readmissions: The care-transition crisis

pointer By Jane Fields and Melody Wilding, April, 2013
Re-hospitalization among the elderly is a serious challenge facing the healthcare system today. Innovative solutions are required.

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