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How can Big Data be leveraged for better clinical and drug decisions?

pointer By Sandeep Joon, Assistant VP, Life Sciences, CitiusTech,
The evolving healthcare space provides us with a few unique opportunities where organizations can leverage healthcare big data to drive greater efficiencies in quality and cost.

Other Tags:  Big Data 

Unclogging workflow bottlenecks

pointer By Rick Dana Barlow, Editor-at-large, May, 2015
An overview of responses to questions about workflow strategies.

Other Tags:  Workflow 

Home Health Tracking

pointer December, 2014
A compilation of commentary, resources and solutions for healthcare home health tracking

Other Tags:  Home Health 

Making clinical data analytics count

pointer By Rick Dana Barlow, Editor-at-large, May, 2014
leverage clinical data analytics to predict outcomes, measure trends and establish correlations that drive quality care at lower costs?

Other Tags: None.

Incorporating analytics into EMRs

pointer By Dan Hogan, December, 2013
Pushes for quality care are inspiring a deeper delving into analytics.

Other Tags:  Big Data 

Making the leap to real-time analytics

pointer By Glenn Mamary, August, 2013
Hunterdon Healthcare implements a new decision-support system.

Other Tags: None.

Maximize performance with BI and big data

pointer By Michael Sanderson, February, 2013
Comparative analytics enables organizations to benchmark their reimbursement, utilization and productivity performance against their peers using real-time data.

Other Tags: None.

Emerging directions in analytics

pointer By Peter Edelstein, M.D., January, 2013
Predictive analytics will play an indispensable role in healthcare transformation and reform.

Other Tags: None.