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Virtualization takes IT to the cloud

pointer By Rick Dana Barlow, Editor-at-large,
The differences betwee "cloud computing" and "virtualization" are discussed.

Other Tags: None.

Contemplating meaningful use

pointer By Phil Colpas, April, 2015
HMT asks industry experts to comment on the most important issues related to meeting MU.

Other Tags:  Meaningful Use 

Challenges and benefits in a mobile medical world

pointer By Anne Meneghetti, M.D., August, 2013
Institutions should create a set of BYOD guidelines that foster mobile device usage.

Other Tags: None.

Speeding up the ED care process

pointer By Robert Hitchcock, M.D., February, 2013
Three hospital organizations mitigate overcrowding by improving patient flow, processes and documentation.

Other Tags:  ER / ICU Management 

Unlocking the power of barcoding

pointer By Phil Colpas, Editor, December, 2012
In healthcare, barcodes have been used primarily for asset tracking. But unique device identification (UDI) is about to change that.

Other Tags:  Unique Device Identification