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Consumer-driven healthcare demands business agility

pointer By Suresh Chandrasekaran, Senior Vice President, Denodo Technologies,
The healthcare industry is undergoing an upheaval of change that is yet to be fully appreciated by all the players in the industry. In past years, there have been a series of initiatives triggered by regulatory changes such as HIPAA compliance, medical innovations such as personalized medicine, and technology and efficiency initiatives such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR). However, all of these collectively will seem like small challenges compared to the big one; consumer-driven healthcare choice. Fostered by the Affordable Care Act, it is already happening in small measure today, but will likely rise to become a predominant force that reshapes healthcare. In the age of consumer-driven healthcare, everyone - insurance companies, hospitals, physician groups, and others - will have to compete for consumer loyalties based on quality outcomes, cost/efficiency and going beyond the basics to delight the customer with long-term impact on holistic health.

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The new reality: Member-centric engagement models

pointer By Sangita Singh, CEO, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Wipro, January, 2015
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) as modified by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 and collectively known as the Affordable Care Act makes sweeping changes to the regulation of U.S. health insurance markets.

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Consumer-grade mobile device and BYOD policies

pointer By Paul Czerwinski, North America Director of Healthcare, Motorola Solutions, September, 2014
It is indisputable that mobile computers help doctors, nurses, and hospital staff improve the quality of patient care and save lives by providing immediate access to critical information.

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Squashing the status quo – there's an app for that

pointer By Jonathan Bush, Founder and CEO, athenahealth, July, 2014
There's an excellent chance that you're reading these words on a machine. And when you finish the article and want to share it with hundreds of friends and colleagues, you can easily call up loads of different applications and send it winging their way.

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Remote monitoring matures beyond “cool” status

pointer By Bryan Fuhr, Co-Founder, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of Healthsense, Inc., June, 2014
From a recent flurry of high-profile acquisitions to publication of studies examining the clinical and financial potential, signs point to the maturation of the remote monitoring technology market from “cool gadgets” to “key player.”

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Four keys to success in health insurance exchanges

pointer By Emad Rizk, M.D., president, McKesson Health Solutions, March, 2014
guest blog

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One year to go ... are you ready for ICD-10?

pointer By Betty Gomez, director of regulatory strategy, ZirMed, October, 2013
guest blog

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Grasping the network: A first step to ACO financial success

pointer By Doug Fielding, VP, product strategy, ZirMed, September, 2013
guest blog

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Network management: What becomes possible with integration

pointer By James Evans, VP, financial and network management, McKesson Health Solutions, August, 2013
guest blog

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Network management: Advancing to the starting line

pointer By James Evans, VP, claims performance, McKesson Health Solutions, December, 2012

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Change management, technology and CDS: a holistic approach to HAI

pointer By Stephen Claypool, M.D., October, 2012

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Network management: Why major change is on the way

pointer By Jim Evans, VP, financial and network performance, McKesson Health Solutions, October, 2012
In recent years, network management has been somewhat overlooked as a function and considered more administrative than strategic. With healthcare reform, however

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The same old job spec? Not really

pointer By Jim Gibson, October, 2012
I spent part of last week in southern California, the center of the rapidly emerging wireless health sector. It was an enlightening week, and it got me thinking about how we develop job specs and what we expect from our executives.

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Balance, Part Two…A “Prince” Retires

pointer By Jim Gibson, May, 2012
Balance, Part Two…A “Prince” Retires

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pointer By Jim Gibson, December, 2010
Labor Day, a celebration of work, in all its virtue, and those who toil.

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Let's walk in their shoes

pointer By Jim Gibson, September, 2010
More and more bloggers and trade press reporters are writing about the tightening HIT labor market. It's becoming clear that we're entering a period of intense competition for HIT talent. Yet it doesn't feel that way to everyone. U.S. unemployment remains stubbornly high and many people, even in HIT, have been out of work for weeks or months.

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Here Comes Spring

pointer By Jim Gibson, May, 2010
Even though our friends in the Mid-Atlantic don't feel it right now, the arrival of HIMSS reminds us that spring can't be too far behind. And with spring come more trade shows, user group meetings, and industry group state chapter conferences.

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A New Year: Time to Raise the Antenna

pointer By Jim Gibson, February, 2010
"Thank goodness I have a job." A sentiment often felt when a recession hits. As belts are tightened, budgets slashed, and colleagues laid off, many take solace in knowing they've been spared. Issues like job satisfaction, personal fulfillment, equitable work schedules, and — yes — even pay, take a back seat to gratitude for simply remaining employed.

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The HCIT Labor Shortage. WHAT??

pointer By Jim Gibson, January, 2010
It's no secret that someone hit the "pause" button. As the economy has tanked, hospital and physician IT contracts have stalled. Projects with prior commitments have mostly proceeded, but at a slower, drawn out pace.

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