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RSNA Show Recap

A survey of highlights from RSNA 2014.

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Five steps to a complete enterprise data management strategy

pointer By Justin Dearborn, January, 2015
The recent rise in information-sharing standards has led to more physician collaboration than ever before.

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Is technology to blame for rising costs?

pointer November, 2013
A recent study of more than 300 Texas hospitals found that uninsured patients weren't the reason behind rising healthcare costs, but technology.

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Healthcare reform not slowing scandemic innovations

pointer By Rick Dana Barlow, November, 2013
We asked key executives at some of the leading diagnostic imaging and RIS/PACS companies to share their insights about ongoing technological advancements and what they might be showcasing shortly.

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Advancing RIS features while addressing MU

pointer By Doug Rufer, November, 2013
New business intelligence tools enable improved care and profitability.

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Imaging: Taking its rightful place at the enterprise level

pointer By James Jay, May, 2013
Image-enabling the EMR leads to increased productivity and efficiencies.

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Imaging/PACS/RIS Solutions Guide

pointer May, 2013
Imaging/PACS/RIS Solutions Guide

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Meaningful-use implications for selecting radiology EHRs

pointer By Steve Deaton, Viztek, November, 2012
For radiology practices, it's important to find a vendor that can unify the EHR, PACS/RIS and patient portal.

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St. Vincent Hospital selects Merge for cardiac imaging and informatics solution

pointer By Phil Colpas, Editor, November, 2012
St. Vincent Hospital selects Merge for cardiac imaging and informatics solution

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