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Looking in the ICD-10 rearview mirror

pointer By Becky Quammen,
A commentary on ICD-10 implementation progress.

Other Tags:  Clinical Documentation 

Taking ICD-10 from burden to strategic opportunity

pointer By Becky Quammen, Chief Executive Officer, Quammen Health Care Consultants, April, 2015
A description of how to embrace the opportunities presented by ICD-10.

Other Tags: None.

Speaking of Union Hospital ...

pointer By Dave Baumgardner, Director of Information Management, Union Hospital, February, 2015
An overview of speech recognition products and other considerations.

Other Tags:  Speech Recognition 

Healthcare IT trends, technologies and resources

pointer May, 2014
A monthly roundup of healthcare IT trends, technologies and resources.

Other Tags:  HIPAA 

Go fish or cut bait

pointer By Jason Free, Features Editor, May, 2014
Reaction to the reactions of the delay of ICD-10.

Other Tags:  Healthcare Reform 

Transitioning to ICD-10

pointer By Ken Edwards, Vice President of Operations, ZirMed, May, 2014
A discussion of preparations needed for the transition to ICD-10

Other Tags:  Revenue Cycle Management 

Paradigm shift

pointer By Dean Boyer, April, 2014
ICD-10 will change the way we perceive healthcare.

Other Tags: None.

Ensuring a successful ICD-10 conversion

pointer By Phil Colpas, September, 2013
Industry experts recommend steps to smooth the transition.

Other Tags: None.

CMS moves back compliance date for ICD-10 by one year

pointer September, 2013
CMS moves back compliance date for ICD-10 by one year

Other Tags:  News 

Five steps to avoid ICD-10 stress

pointer By Ken Bradley, August, 2012
Five steps to avoid ICD-10 stress

Other Tags:  Claims and Coding 

ICD-10: A master data challenge

pointer By John Wollman, July, 2012

Savvy healthcare organizations are already starting to remediate for ICD-10...

Other Tags: None.

The switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10

pointer July, 2011

As the healthcare industry undergoes conversion from about 17,000 ICD-9 codes to more...

Other Tags: None.