Streamlining the search for computerized physician order entry (CPOE) information and insight just got easier. The new HIMSS CPOE wiki brings data, documents and valuable guidelines on meeting and exceeding meaningful use into one location. The HIMSS Enterprise CPOE Workgroup developed the wiki with the leadership of workgroup chair Paul Kleeberg, M.D., clinical director for Minnesota and North Dakota REC REACH.

What's a wiki, you ask? It's a Web site that allows any visitor to edit and/or update content. So all interested parties get a chance to chime in.

The HIMSS CPOE wiki connects users as they introduce new or participate in current conversations on CPOE. It's been designed as an interactive discussion forum, so following threads is easy.

“The workgroup launched the wiki to broaden use and understanding of CPOE, a health IT application with continued growth and relevance to electronic health-record system implementations,” says Dr. Kleeberg. “Physicians, nurses, implementation staff, pharmacists and anyone supporting the adoption and use of CPOE can find and contribute valuable information resources on the wiki.”

Users also can find/compare content, share best practices and templates and review lessons learned on CPOE implementation. The wiki is organized by various stages of implementation: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling, and transitioning to operations and optimization/maintenance. It is also organized by topics called “building blocks” that transcend stages of implementations.

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