If you've been wondering what the number one reason is for low adoption rates of electronic medical records (EMR) by physicians, or how to overcome EMR “go-live” myopia, or even how the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) might transform EMR acceptance, “Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for Lasting EMR Adoption” has the answers. This new, 132-page soft-cover book by Dr. Heather Haugen and Dr. Jeffrey Woodside aims to get at the heart of the matter: Why is EMR adoption so costly, lengthy and frustrating?

Haugen and Woodside feel your pain.

The duo tackles everything from workplace dynamics (“How Leaders Create a 'Tone at the Top'”) to the numbers game (“Performance Metrics and Adoption”), all with the long-term goal of reaching EMR sustainability in your enterprise.

Dr. Heather Haugen earned her doctorate in health information technology from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and is the corporate vice president of research for healthcare IT consulting firm The Breakaway Group. Dr. Jeffrey R. Woodside earned his medical degree from the University of Oregon Medical School and is the former executive vice president and chief medical officer for UT Medical Group. Combined, the two have more than 45 years of research, practice and corporate medical experience.

Published by Magnusson Skor, this $15.99 title is available at and


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