A prescription for organization

The MX Series of computing and medication workstations offers an open platform for a variety of computing hardware including laptops, tablets, thin-client, all-in-one PCs and small-form-factor PCs. Fully configurable, these units provide a wide array of drawers and bins to customize storage and organization. With a choice of flexible AC Power Platform or ultra-efficient DC Power Platform, the MX Series offers extended, cord-free run times for optimized barcode medication administration and EHR at the point of care. Capsa Solutions


Good looking, fast moving

The Mobile Technology Cabinet (MTC) is designed to optimize workflow by blending premium cabinet aesthetics with the flexibility of mobile computing carts. The MTC’s maneuverability increases patient interaction at the point of care, and its compact footprint allows for easy in-room storage or reallocation to a different area. Additionally, the cart is equipped with battery-life tracking software that sends email alerts directly to IT when issues arise, minimizing workflow interruptions. Rubbermaid Medical Solutions


Glide through charting

Ensuring that the information your staff needs is always within reach, Carstens’ Mobile Charting Unit (MCU), one of a number of different carts, is customizable to fit the needs of any healthcare facility. With its sturdy work surface, tablet holder and mountable baskets, the MCU is adaptable and agile, allowing your staff to keep pace in even the busiest of healthcare facilities, and its stable design ensures needed resources are never far away. Carstens




Mobile, lockable laptop cart

AFC’s ergonomically designed, height-adjustable Mobile Laptop Cart aims to improve workflow, increase accuracy and provide wherever/whenever data access at the point of care. This unit has many features found only in larger models: integrated handles in the front and sides for ease of maneuverability; pneumatic sit-to-stand height adjustment; secure, lockable laptop platform; retractable keyboard tray with left or right mouse tray; and storage bins, a wire basket, a power strip with a hospital-grade plug and more. Major contact surfaces are made of antimicrobial materials. AFC Industries



Upgrade your cart power

The Continuum Power System provides hospitals that have several models of mobile carts with a universal, upgraded power solution. It features an advanced electronics system that safely recharges the batteries to full capacity in just two hours, while offering partial charge capabilities not present in older battery technologies. The lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) cells offer a life span up to five years and will reduce the weight of the mobile cart by nearly 30 pounds. Easy retrofit kits are available for Ergotron, Howard, InfoLogix, Jaco, Metro/Flo, Rubbermaid, Stinger and more. Futura Mobility


Telemedicine on the go

The Cisco TelePresence VX Clinical Assistant is a fully featured, highly mobile and easy-to-use telemedicine cart that can be used for remote patient consultations, virtual care and education, and collaboration between care providers. Lightweight and cost efficient, this solution provides medical teams and patients with a 24-inch, 1080p HD LED backlit display for vivid telepresence experiences and low power usage, support for multiple standard- and high-definition video inputs, and FDA Class I Medical Device designation. Cisco

Make dead batteries a thing of the past

Stinger Medical mobile workstations can be used for documentation, medication administration or CPOE. Keep your Stinger cart – or any brand of mobile cart – powered 24/7 with Mobius Power, a swappable battery system that ensures nurses will never experience any workflow interruptions due to dead batteries. Mobius Power is supported by CAST, a proactive technology for IT that automates the break/fix process and forever changes how your organization supports mobile devices. Stinger Medical




Freewheeling workstation with on-board power

The PC Series Mobile Powered Workstation has rechargeable, on-board power that lasts for 12 hours of normal use to run a computer, a printer and other devices simultaneously, making it easier to perform efficient inventory management and a multitude of other tasks. Generous shelf space provides room for products and other items, and lockable, 6-inch rubber swivel casters ensure the station can be rolled easily and positioned for optimal productivity. All models have a load capacity of 500 pounds. Newcastle Systems


3M offers privacy screen protectors for tablets

Experience the freedom to work privately in public. 3M Privacy Screen Protectors help you maintain your privacy on tablets without sacrificing image clarity or touch-screen performance. The protectors also safeguard your tablet screen with a thin, abrasion-resistant hard coat designed to resist scratches. Whether you’re working with PHI or simply checking email, 3M’s proprietary microlouver technology lets you clearly see information, while people at your sides see only a darkened screen. 3M

The future is now for medication dispensing

The Savvy mobile medication system features locking, patient-specific drawers and an innovative swappable battery system. This unit streamlines the medication administration process and provides safe and secure transportation of medications from the automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) to the patient’s bedside. This fully integrated solution features Omnicell’s Anywhere RN software application and a wireless, medical-grade mobile workstation. Clinicians can remotely select medications quickly and securely from any location, reducing time at the ADC and allowing more time for direct patient care. Omnicell




Optimize nursing workflow

The new Metro Flo 1770Rx hybrid medication workstation combines user-driven design with the power, storage and technology required to deliver medications to patients securely and efficiently. The system, designed to optimize nursing workflow, features support for information access and BCMA at the point of care, up to 12 individual patient bins for secure medication delivery, next-generation power systems for maximum run time and a new ergonomic, rear-push handle for easy maneuverability. Metro

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