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August 2013 Features

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Contemplating meaningful use

 By Phil Colpas, August 2013

HMT asks industry experts to comment on the most important issues related to meeting MU.

Tagged:    Cover Story   Meaningful Use

  Big Data

Impacts of big data

 By Bill Hamilton, August 2013

Potential is huge, so are challenges.

Tagged:    Data Governance   Data Storage / Data Management   Big Data

  Big Data

Stewards of our own healthcare

 By Delia Vetter, August 2013

Growth of Web-based health records offers enormous benefits to consumers.

Tagged:    Big Data

  Big Data

Incorporating analytics into EMRs

 By Dan Hogan, August 2013

Pushes for quality care are inspiring a deeper delving into analytics.

Tagged:    Big Data   Analytics

  Infection Tracking

VAE surveillance helps clinicians improve outcomes

 By Carlos Nunez, M.D., August 2013

What the CDC's new ventilator- associated event protocol means.

Tagged:    Infection Tracking

  RFID/RTLS/Asset Management

N.J. health system saves $1.2 million

 By Michael S. Kotzen, August 2013

How real-time locating systems improve efficiency and patient care.

Tagged:    RFID/RTLS/Asset Management


Healthcare's new magic wand

 By Colin Balmforth, August 2013

Mobile communication is driving innovation and improved care.

Tagged:    Smartphones


No Internet? No problem

 By Denise Basow, M.D., August 2013

Ensuring access to clinical decision support even when Internet is spotty or nonexistent.

Tagged:    Smartphones


Patient-centric care is all about relationships

 By Phil Colpas, August 2013

Tagged:    Viewpoint

  Thought Leaders

Give your EMR eyes and ears

 By Jay Deady, August 2013

The real-time, location-system-enabled EMR supports the orchestration of care within and across departments.

Tagged:    Thought Leaders

  Products and Services

Products and Services: Security/Data Protection

 August 2013

Products and Services: Security/Data Protection

Tagged:    Products and Services

  Industry Watch

Industry Watch August 2013

 August 2013

Industry Watch

Tagged:    Industry Watch

  Solutions Guide

CPOE/E-prescribing Solutions Guide

 August 2013

CPOE/E-prescribing Solutions Guide

Tagged:    Solutions Guide