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July 2013 Features

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Accountable care organizations help to coordinate care

 By Phil Colpas, Managing Editor, July 2013

The goal of ACOs is to avoid duplication of services, prevent errors and reduce costs, experts say.

Tagged:    Roundup

  Data Storage / Data Management

Making the switch to vendor-neutral archiving

 By Greg Strowig, July 2013

How to optimize comprehensive data storage for healthcare's new age.

Tagged:    Data Storage / Data Management

  HIPAA Omnibus Rule

Don't ask, don't tell

 By Chris Davis, July 2013

How the Omnibus Final Rule assigns responsibility for safeguarding protected health information (PHI).

Tagged:    HIPAA Omnibus Rule


Resource guide categorizes vendors across labyrinthine landscape

 By Phil Colpas, Managing Editor, July 2013


Tagged:    Viewpoint

  Thought Leaders

The endless potential of RTLS

 By Brian Sutter, Wasp Barcode Technologies, July 2013

Asset management and real-time location systems save money, time and equipment.

Tagged:    Thought Leaders