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December 2012 Features

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  Cover Story

Speeding up the ED care process

 By Robert Hitchcock, M.D., December 2012

Three hospital organizations mitigate overcrowding by improving patient flow, processes and documentation.

Tagged:    Cover Story   ER / ICU Management

  ER / ICU Management

On the front lines

 By Will Freeman, M.D., MMM, FACEP, FAAEM, December 2012

How HIT accelerates ED success in supporting new healthcare models.

Tagged:    ER / ICU Management

  ER / ICU Management

Delivering solutions outside the box

 By Tracy Morris, December 2012

For Children's Medical Center in Dallas, using a combination of more than 100 strategically positioned, customized workstations has resulted in positive feedback from the hospital's doctors and nurses.

Tagged:    ER / ICU Management

  Disease Management

How to manage diabetes - not be managed by it

 By Geeta Nayyar, December 2012

mHealth solutions are paving the way toward better disease management.

Tagged:    Disease Management

  Disease Management

Helping patients better manage chronic disease

 By Scott Zimmerman, December 2012

The future of disease management is all about engagement.

Tagged:    Disease Management


The mobile-medical conundrum: Does convenience trump security?

 By Moti Rafalin, December 2012

As doctors and hospital staff use more mobile devices, including those they bring in to work themselves, how can IT protect the highly personal medical data housed within the organization?

Tagged:    Security

  Clinical Information Systems

Getting the evidence

 By Paul S. Auerbach, M.D., December 2012

The challenge of implementing evidence-based medicine in tough global environments.

Tagged:    Clinical Information Systems


Surveys say IT staff shortages on the rise

 By Phil Colpas, Managing Editor, December 2012

Hospitals' need for qualified IT staff is increasing and isn't expected to diminish any time soon.

Tagged:    Viewpoint

  Thought Leaders

Getting a handle on all that data

 By Matt Cicciari, Progress Software, December 2012

Healthcare CIOs are increasingly turning to data-management applications to help them better handle the vast amounts of patient and compliance data stored on their systems.

Tagged:    Thought Leaders

  Industry Watch

December Industry Watch

 December 2012

HMT December Industry Watch

Tagged:    Industry Watch   Mobile

  Solutions Guide

Displays/Monitors/TVs Solutions Guide

 December 2012

Displays/Monitors/TVs Solutions Guide

Tagged:    Solutions Guide

  Products and Services

Products and Services

 December 2012

Products and Services

Tagged:    Products and Services