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September 2012 Features

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  Health Information Exchanges

HIEs: Beyond controversy

 By Colin Barry, September 2012

How health information exchanges are connecting the healthcare space.

Tagged:    Health Information Exchanges

  Health Information Exchanges

Why your lab needs an HIE

 By David Caldwell, September 2012

Tagged:    Health Information Exchanges

  Health Information Exchanges

What private organizations should know when building HIEs

 By John Dunn, September 2012

Lessons can be learned from public health.

Tagged:    Health Information Exchanges

  Health Information Exchanges

What health insurers should know to get an NCQA rating

 By Yunus Burhani, September 2012

Tagged:    Health Information Exchanges

  Clinical Information Systems

Clinical integration sets the stage for positive change

 By Keith D. Terry, September 2012

Goal is to promote higher-quality, more cost-efficient patient services by better coordinating care across a continuum of conditions, providers, settings and time.

Tagged:    Hospital Information Systems

  Meaningful Use

Painless compliance

 By Jocelyn E. Piccone, September 2012

Tagged:    Meaningful Use

  Meaningful Use

How to use pen and paper to achieve MU with an EHR

 By Sheila Tonn-Knopf, September 2012

Tagged:    Meaningful Use

  Meaningful Use

How mobile technology helps meet MU

 By Robert Oscar, September 2012

Tagged:    Meaningful Use


'EHR within an EHR' accelerates workflows

 By Julie Larson and Amanda Hill, September 2012

As it transitioned to an electronic environment, St. Vincent Healthcare's outpatient gastroenterology center had to identify solutions that addressed its unique workflow needs.

Tagged:    Workflow


Achieving operational excellence through best practices

 By Thomas Rekart, September 2012

Tagged:    Payers


Powerful stuff

 By Jessica Sharp, September 2012

When it comes to getting optimal use from carts, Philadelphia's Main Line Health finds it's all about battery lifespan and charge time.

Tagged:    Mobile


Utilizing voice recognition as diagnostician

 By Phil Colpas, Managing Editor, September 2012

An impressive example of how existing technology heretofore used primarily to smooth data entry into patient records has been updated and recreated into a powerful diagnostic tool.

Tagged:    Viewpoint

  Thought Leaders

Integrate your security measures

 By Kevin Weeks, September 2012

From medical records to video surveillance equipment, technology utilized across healthcare institutions is rapidly migrating to a centralized network.

Tagged:    Thought Leaders

  Solutions Guide

Carts and Mobile Computing Solutions Guide

 September 2012

Solutions Guide

Tagged:    Products and Services   Solutions Guide

  Industry Watch

September Industry Watch

 September 2012

Tagged:    Industry Watch

  White Papers

6 Critical Tips Regarding Hospital Smartphone Integration

 September 2012

Amcom white paper

Tagged:    White Papers