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August 2012 Products and Services

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   August 2012

Get a holistic view of patient information

Vue Archive and Vue Cloud Archive allow healthcare providers to collect images and data from a variety of information systems. These on-site or cloud-based vendor-independent archiving solutions help create a more comprehensive patient record by providing easy access to both data and imaging studies. They integrate with any vendor’s EMR and offer advanced encryption and security measures, including 24/7/365 monitoring. Consolidating storage solutions can reduce expenses, eliminate inefficient departmental silos of information and streamline management of data/image exchange. Carestream


Give patients instant access to records

MRO Corp. has integrated patient portal technology into its release-of-information software, ROI Online. The hospital-branded portals allow patients to use a secure platform to easily access their health information. During meaningful-use stage two, healthcare organizations will be required to provide at least 50 percent of patients with direct online access to their health information within 36 hours of discharge and to prove that at least 10 percent of all discharged patients use a patient portal to view, download or transmit their health information. MRO Corp.

Analyze the impact of ICD-10

A new ICD-10 financial impact analysis tool and comprehensive ICD-10 financial impact consulting services are the latest additions to the full suite of ICD-10 transition planning solutions offered by 3M Health Information Systems. The new software and services are designed to help healthcare organizations analyze the reimbursement impact of ICD-10 in order to identify and target critical revenue and operational impact areas for improvement. By analyzing the financial impact of ICD-10 now, organizations can project receivables, review contracts and target documentation improvement and training programs where they are most needed. 3M Health Information Systems

Reclaim your desktop real estate

The HP t410 Smart Zero Client provides the same computing experience as a full PC environment without requiring on-device management. It offers a high-performing thin client and 18.5-inch monitor in a single, space-saving unit that operates entirely from Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). This solution delivers an impressive multimedia and end-user experience in a low-power, low-cost, reliable package, while still retaining the flexibility to support a range of virtualization and desktop cloud use cases where the data a user needs resides on a server elsewhere or in the cloud. HP


Scan from 295 feet away

Designed specifically for the healthcare industry, the WWS450H scanner features fast, efficient barcode scanning, antimicrobial protection and long-range wireless connectivity. This unit operates up to 16 hours on a single charge, holds 256 scans and withstands 4-foot drops on concrete. The scanner’s antimicrobial protection fights against odor- and stain-causing bacteria, and the wireless data transfer functions up to 295 feet from the communication base. Barcode data is instantly added to a spreadsheet, document or database without time-consuming manual data entries or inaccuracies. Wasp Barcode Technologies

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