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Confidence in single-factor security tokens waning

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   July 2011


A new nationwide survey of more than 400 information technology (IT) professionals from a wide variety of industries found that over half of respondents are now evaluating two-factor authentication alternatives to traditional security tokens. According to the survey's sponsor, PhoneFactor, the results indicate that "organizations that utilize security tokens, many of which are already frustrated with the burden tokens place on their IT departments and end users, are being driven to action by the recent RSA breach."

The survey found that the vast majority of respondents with current token deployments (93 percent) are aware of the RSA breach affecting SecurID tokens, which was disclosed in March 2011. Of those, 44 percent are now re-evaluating their current use of tokens, and another 15 percent are speeding up an already planned evaluation of token alternatives. If it becomes necessary to replace security tokens already deployed, 70 percent would prefer to replace them with an alternate two-factor method. PhoneFactor is a provider of multi-factor authentication solutions.

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