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CTeL unveils telehealth Web site

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   January 2011

Web site

The Center for Telehealth & e-Health Law (CTeL) recently launched a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive Web site to address detailed legal and regulatory telehealth issues. The site will provide continuously updated legal and regulatory telehealth resources and offer complex and specialized information for CTeL members.

In addition to numerous resources, including fact sheets, briefing memos, reports and white papers, the site will also include comprehensive reports detailing laws and regulations for each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia as they impact the delivery of telehealth. Through an interactive licensing map, physicians providing services via telehealth will be able to research how to meet out-of-state licensing and prescribing requirements — information vital to the practice of telemedicine.

According to CTeL, the site will utilize social media components, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn, to keep users engaged and up to date on the most important issues, legislation, decisions and cases. The site also plans to host virtual "Tele-Town Halls" that will serve as live, interactive forums for discussing emerging telehealth issues.

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