If you’re reading this, it means the world did not end during the Dec. 21, 2012 winter solstice. So in the spirit of moving forward, with a nod to past traditions and an eye on future transformations, Health Management Technology is celebrating 2013 with a graphic redesign and an editorial refurbishment.

Tradition is an important part of any culture, the bedrock upon which a foundation is built. In business, tradition can dictate the lay of the land, help determine its appearance and establish parameters that will hopefully nurture that endeavor and allow it to grow.

Transformation is part of that growing process; as industry changes, so must the businesses connected with it. And you’d be hard pressed to find an industry that has undergone more transformations over the past few decades than healthcare IT.

Embracing that spirit of change and using KISS (keep it simple, stupid) as inspiration, our goal was not to reinvent the wheel, but rather implement just enough tweaking to yield a cleaner, more contemporary look to the magazine. In addition, we used the results of our recent annual reader survey to make minor adjustments to our editorial focus.

Feature articles continue to be the most popular content in both the printed magazine and on HMT’s recently revamped website (www4.healthmgttech.com). We’ll augment our content with a new monthly feature – a roundup with industry luminaries weighing in on a variety of pertinent topics. In these original pieces, we will hear from many voices – experts from several vendor companies, hospitals and C-suite executives.

We will continue to feature items that readers have told us are valuable, including case studies, Industry Watch, how-to articles, Thought Leaders, technology trend discussions and information on new products and services.

Though the healthcare IT landscape has changed dramatically in the 32 years since HMT’s inception, our mission here has remained essentially the same: To provide readers with valuable information in their specific fields; to connect them with their counterparts across the country; and to facilitate the exchange of information between vendors and end users. It eases the pains of transformation considerably (read: solutions implementation) when you can read about someone who has been there, done that.

One thing is certain: There is never a dull moment in the ever-changing world of healthcare IT. We look forward to another year of bringing you the best our industry has to offer.

Enjoy the issue.

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